Saturday, July 26, 2008

Where's the excitement??

I'm leaving for Cali in like 3 days. This trip is what I'd daydream about in the dead of winter in my fashion class. As it was snowing or raining outside, I'd fantasize about my summer trip to Cali..floating on of those lounge things in the pool..going to the beach, getting man-handled by the waves..eating at the best restaurants every night. And thats what its gonna be like. In 3 days. why am i not more excited???
This is so weird..thats the kindof thing I LIVE for. I HATE the Winter and the cold and rain and darkness. HATE HATE HATE. And this vacay means NO work for 2 weeks! Wake up Melissa and get excited!!
Maybe its because I'm pretty content here right now. it's summer here too, afterall. And a pretty decent one for Seattle I might add. A late start but at least it hasnt rained in like 22 days. I'm really enjoying my summer here. I'm working like 25 hours a week which is PERFECT cuz i still have hella freetime but at the same time i dont have too much so that im bored.
I'm also still buzzing from the excitement of Sunday's concert. I'm absolutely obsessed over lil wayne. On my days off, I spend hours on the computer, watchin youtube videos of him. Pussy Monster. interviews. old footage. music videos. its insane. It's consuming me. And I dont want to be pulled out of this Lil Wayne zone. I cant upload any new music to my ipod cuz my itunes thing on the comp. got deleted..i could bring the CDs but theres no CD player in my room down there and I wouldn't wanna play it in the common area since its a bit explicit.
ANyways, I dont know where im going with this. It's just mindless rambling.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's depressing

It's depressing when, here we are, July 24 (ish?) and stores are already talkin bout "back to school" specials. It's disgusting. I know some colleges go back hella early cuz they get out hella early...but still. Why do stores have to jump the gun on everything. Target puts their bathing suits out in February (which i dont mind as much..since its something to look foreward to, even if you wont be wearing the swimsuit for another 4+ months) and Macy's puts their damn Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving has even passed. PS- as depressing as this back to school shit is, i find comfort in the fact that the Christmas season is still far away..expect an angry blog on that topic as it gets closer..
What was I saying? Oh yeah, back to school. I'm gonna be on vacay for two weeks coming up so im trying to get this buying textbooks thing outta the way..even tho i dont even go back to school till LATE september. Its still reminds me that I'll be going back. to SPU.
I was sad to go, it's true. In June, packing up and leaving my ideal dorm room was sad..but i dont have that room this next year so whats there to look foreward to? Perhaps I'll meet some fun people..but since its SPU thats a big maybe.
SPU is gay. It's gay..yet, at the same time, homophobic. Is that even possible, you ask? Yes, it is indeed and if you'd like to experience this paradox, attend SPU for a quarter.
Most students there belong in a convent. I don't want to go off on this now..I've blogged about it previously on myspace..but they're just clueless and naive and intolerant. and hella nerdy. NARNIA IS GAY. LORD OF THE RINGS IS GAY. and so is harry potter and all that other shit. except they probably dont even like harry potter cuz its "evil witch craft".

Monday, July 21, 2008

Concert of the Year (And it's not Kanye)

Sooo yesterday I went to Summer Jam, the annual summer concert put on by Seattle's rap radio station. And IT WAS INCREDIBLE. Just amazing.
Because I'm the shit at winning things off the radio, I won passes to the backstage BBQ before the show. Of course, I went with my friend and partner in crime Rachel (Bambi). We LOVE Lil Wayne and we said once we first got into his music, that no question, if he ever came to Seattle or anywhere near, we'd have to go..though it was highly unlikely. .. but in May it was announced he's be headlining Summer Jam 2008! ..with Ray J, Bow Wow, T-Pain and The Game.
We got to the venue early (like 11:10) to check in for the BBQ. After some confusion about which line we needed to be in to get in early..we made it in. Got escorted backstage for the food..chilled a while. Ray J made an appearance and we got autographs and pictures. Pretty exciting.
That was about it for the BBQ so we found our seats and waited hella long for the show to get started an hour late. Ray J opened, break, then Bow Wow, then T-Pain joined him onstage..exit Bow Wow..more T-Pain (he has hella hits..did you know?) break. Enter Game. I am suprised by how much I enjoyed his set. He's feuding with 50 and G-Unit so he obviously did some trash talking about how the G unit guys are all screwing eachother..50 hasnt had a girl since Vivica Fox..LLoyd Banks can suck my dick..Yayo can suck my dick..and so forth. I actually got some of it on video. So he did Hate it or Love it and This is How we Do..doing both his and 50's parts. That new one he has with Keyshia Cole..and some song like, If you look into my eyes/you'll see im a gangsta till the day I die..something something.. WESTSIIIDE.. I liked it. He couldnt go on without "his weed, man" after a song so he goes and smokes onstage! freaking crazy. and then! He gets a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka, puts his head back, bottle up, and downs the ENTIRE thing. no stopping till it was empty. Insanity i tell you!
After The Game theres maybe 40 more minutes of waiting for Lil Wayne to arrive..for the first time in Summer Jam history, they said, an artist had to be escorted by police to the venue. So, after much screaming and chanting and anticipation..the stage gets all smokey and Wayne emerges! The crowd goes crazy. Oh my God. He's wearing a black Adidas tracksuit and a black hat, dreads back..hella sexy. He opens with Money on my Mind..did alot of Carter II songs. he did Dboy next, Fireman..yess! He'd stop between his songs to say stuff..early on he's like, I gotta get three things off my chest, the first one is, I believe in God. Do you? (crowd cheers) The second is, I'm nothing without you, so clap for what you created (crowd roars) The third thing is...I'm nothing without you (crowd roars). He did some older stuff, he played the electric guitar for one of his songs.He also said he's nothing without his DJ before proceding to "Go DJ" (editors note: thats a differece between him and Kanye, they both love to toot their own horn and rap about how great they are..but with Wayne he actually acknowedges those who've helped him get where he is and make him great) He did Duffle Bag Boy. Removes jacket.
And then..the best part of the show he gets helllla freaky! Keeps rappin about how he loves eating pussy..when and how he does it and so on..I wont get into the graphic details because who knows might be reading this..but know that it was an orgasmic experience for both Rachel and myself.
That went on for probably 6 minutes untill he broke into A Milli. Crowd goes crazy. Please don't shoot me down. Removes shirt. HOT BODY. omg..Got Money (interestingly, without T-Pain). Mrs. Officer. Lollipop.
He did much more than what I've said but his set is kind of a blur I can't recall everything.
It finally did end though, and I swear he was looking at me during the last minute.. Someone brought him out a robe and he walked off stage.
We got to the car surpisingly fast considering there were 20,000 others rushing out at the same time. Leaving the lot though probably took 45 minutes or more cuz this White River Amphitheater is hella in the boonies and there's a single-lane highway to leave. But our time wating in the car was well-spent as we disected the performance and his dirty-talk. We made up little scenarios, like what if he brought us back stage and..(you know where this goes). It's noteworthy that our physical states at this point were quite odd. We had been at the venue for over 12 hours, so we were understandably tired..but our minds were just so stimilated..we were really alert but our bodies couldnt keep up. finally got out. drove home. the end. Best Concert Everrr