Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's depressing

It's depressing when, here we are, July 24 (ish?) and stores are already talkin bout "back to school" specials. It's disgusting. I know some colleges go back hella early cuz they get out hella early...but still. Why do stores have to jump the gun on everything. Target puts their bathing suits out in February (which i dont mind as much..since its something to look foreward to, even if you wont be wearing the swimsuit for another 4+ months) and Macy's puts their damn Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving has even passed. PS- as depressing as this back to school shit is, i find comfort in the fact that the Christmas season is still far away..expect an angry blog on that topic as it gets closer..
What was I saying? Oh yeah, back to school. I'm gonna be on vacay for two weeks coming up so im trying to get this buying textbooks thing outta the way..even tho i dont even go back to school till LATE september. Its still reminds me that I'll be going back. to SPU.
I was sad to go, it's true. In June, packing up and leaving my ideal dorm room was sad..but i dont have that room this next year so whats there to look foreward to? Perhaps I'll meet some fun people..but since its SPU thats a big maybe.
SPU is gay. It's gay..yet, at the same time, homophobic. Is that even possible, you ask? Yes, it is indeed and if you'd like to experience this paradox, attend SPU for a quarter.
Most students there belong in a convent. I don't want to go off on this now..I've blogged about it previously on myspace..but they're just clueless and naive and intolerant. and hella nerdy. NARNIA IS GAY. LORD OF THE RINGS IS GAY. and so is harry potter and all that other shit. except they probably dont even like harry potter cuz its "evil witch craft".

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