Saturday, July 26, 2008

Where's the excitement??

I'm leaving for Cali in like 3 days. This trip is what I'd daydream about in the dead of winter in my fashion class. As it was snowing or raining outside, I'd fantasize about my summer trip to Cali..floating on of those lounge things in the pool..going to the beach, getting man-handled by the waves..eating at the best restaurants every night. And thats what its gonna be like. In 3 days. why am i not more excited???
This is so weird..thats the kindof thing I LIVE for. I HATE the Winter and the cold and rain and darkness. HATE HATE HATE. And this vacay means NO work for 2 weeks! Wake up Melissa and get excited!!
Maybe its because I'm pretty content here right now. it's summer here too, afterall. And a pretty decent one for Seattle I might add. A late start but at least it hasnt rained in like 22 days. I'm really enjoying my summer here. I'm working like 25 hours a week which is PERFECT cuz i still have hella freetime but at the same time i dont have too much so that im bored.
I'm also still buzzing from the excitement of Sunday's concert. I'm absolutely obsessed over lil wayne. On my days off, I spend hours on the computer, watchin youtube videos of him. Pussy Monster. interviews. old footage. music videos. its insane. It's consuming me. And I dont want to be pulled out of this Lil Wayne zone. I cant upload any new music to my ipod cuz my itunes thing on the comp. got deleted..i could bring the CDs but theres no CD player in my room down there and I wouldn't wanna play it in the common area since its a bit explicit.
ANyways, I dont know where im going with this. It's just mindless rambling.

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