Sunday, August 24, 2008

Acheived Posh Status?

This past weekend I recieved two compliments. Well, maybe technically it's one compliment, and one other comment perhaps intended to be a compliment.
Let's start with the odd one. I was at Rachel's party (as mentioned in previous blog) Friday night, having fun, dancing. I'm dancing with this guy, and it's probably like 2:30 or 3 am..and everybody's a little out of it/tired/perhaps intoxicated. After a couple songs, or maybe it was even during a song, he looks at me and says "You're a weird way"
Umm..what? Thank you? I just took it as a compliment for the most part. I pretty much have it figured out. You see, I have short hair. This confuses most guys, as they equate long flowing hair with femininity and sensuality. Take that out of the picture and it can be disorienting. I understand. If I had my long hair again, it wouldn't be in a "weird" way it would be straight up hot. Like Rihanna. We all know she's hot or sexy or whatever you'd like to call it, but you can't help but notice her short hair. She doesn't fit in with the prototype of "hot woman", so there's something off about her. Classified as weird. but still hot.
Second, there's a latte counter at the market underneath the building I work at, which is where all my coworkers, myself included, get coffee. Two gay guys pretty much run the show down there. They're ALWAYS there makin lattes and breves and whatnot. My co worker Lucky is buddy-buddy with everyone down there and she let me in on a little secret the other day.
"You know Michael downstairs at the coffee counter? He thinks you are so gorgeous. He says you're his ideal wife..he's obviously gay, but you know what he means"
Once again, I think with this short hair it's easier for me to fly under the radar with straight guys. Again, they need the long hair (usually) to think pretty but gay guys don't need that. They get it. Awesome compliment right? Cuz we all know gay guys have impecable taste.
Which brings me to my main point! These two comments have lead me to believe that I have reached Victoria Beckham "Posh" Status! She's always saying how she doesnt have any kind of a straight-male following. On the other hand, she says gay guys LOVE her. And she's a "girl's girl". Gay guys love her fashion and hair and vibe..and so do girls. Cuz they get it.
So these comments point to exactly that Posh Status. Straight guys don't quite get it.. but gay guys and girls do.
Girls are always telling me how fab my hair is or style or whatever. And a gay guy just proclaimed me as his ideal wife. It's obvious. Posh Status Acheived.

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