Friday, October 3, 2008

making enemies 101

Okay so not even a week into SPU dorm life I've already created drama. And I'm not one to create drama! Make no mistake, I talk shit, but that shit doesn't get out. It's just my own grumblings to vent frustrations.
To give some background on this story, you must know the parking issues I endured all of last year. I pay 55$ a quarter to park my car in the resident ( read: conveniant) parking lot closest to the dorm. My spot was one of the best and bitches were always stealing it! There are signs that say, "RESIDENT LOT". The Commuter lot is two levels up, but who wants to walk down stairs to get to their class?? So park in a reserved space. And by the way, all the spaces on this reserved, resident level have numbers painted on them. Any dumbass could reason that if a spot has a number painted on it, it's probably ALOTTED to someone. But no, every time I'd leave my spot, come back, there'd be a car there. Up to 5 times a week. And I'm not gonna continue the cycle and park in someone else's reserved spot, so i go allthe way up to commuter parking and walk down.
So the year gets off to a bad start and of course, there's someone in my spot after I'm gone for two hours. I'm enraged. I knew this would happen over the summer so i bought car paint to write on their window. I wrote a little sum sum on their window and left a naughty note that may have had expletives. Next, in hysterics, I call the safety and security dept. and demand to talk to whoever is in charge. I'd already gotten terribye lost and stranded that day, so I was emotionally volatile and broke down in tears while talking/venting to the parking person. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE. I AM BEING IGNORED!!!.
I was told that the guy who was supposed to paint "RESERVED" on each space to make it more obvious DIED over the summer. M response, "Thats sad but...well, theres other people in this world who do painting.." They can only resolve to move me to a less popular spot. I accept.
Later, same day, I Go to work, return, planning on parking in my new, less popular spot, and yes! a foreign car!! AHHH I lose it and again write a nasty note, and scribble lines on the car's window.
Next day, I get an email from the safety and security guy I talked to before, wishing to meet with me to disuss my parking issues. We meet, I tell him last years saga and the most recent issues, and he seems to be on my side. He asks me if i remember what kind of car it was that was parked in my original spot. I didnt remember the make/model, all i recalled for sure that it was teal. And he looks at me weird and he's like, yes, it was. They reported a note..
And I confess.
"And..anything else...?
"...and i wrote a message on their car with car paint.."
He's cool about it, Like, he understands my frustration but tells me i cant be doing that. okay. SO i have to write a release for them, stating what i did and issuing an apology. I do. and i'll be meeting with my RLC about it soon.
BUT! soo not the end of the story!
My ex-roomie amber bought me a sign that said, "NO PARKING" big, bold, red. cant miss it sign. i put it up on the wall in front of my new spot the next day. left for work. come back. SIGN IS GONE. Bitch!
I'm angry of course! That was a gift! I put it up 6 hours ago. I look around at the other cars in their windows for my luck.
I go back to the room, upset, and make a crucial mistake.
On my whiteboard outside my room, I write, "Some bitch stole my parking sign!"
No harm right? I just want people to know why i may be grumpy.
I go eat, library, come back into the room. Say hi to Eva, my roommate, and leave the room.
Then! I see the whiteboard. Under my message about someone stealing my sign, i read: Yeah, that was me. Thanks for vandalizing my car" what!!
Shit son. So that makes me believe it was someone on my own dorm floor! And they now know who i am! They know I'M the one who left a nasty note and paint (washable!) on their car. They know where I sleep! I show Eva and she's like shoot, i'm locking the door all the time now!
So I'm kind of frazzled! Really on guard, looking around like it could be anyone. It could be the girl I'm brushing my teeth next to. Shit I dont even want anyone to SEE me brushing my teeth now cuz they know which shower caddy in the bathroom is mine. When I'm not around they're probably scrubbing the toilets with my toothbrush.
So thats the terribly long story. I gave myself away... i HATE that they know who I am, but I dont know who they are! I keep thinking I'll have this horror movie moment, like pop into one of the girl rooms to say hi and chat, sit down..and I'll see it. My stolen sign poking out from under the bed. In my head i'll be like OMG its HER! Get out NOW!

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