Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Peace Offering! (last blog, cont.)

Update! After initially feeling fearful and suspicious of who this mystery girl was..I started to feel a bit guilty. I don't want to make enemies but I seem to go out of my way to do so. And i dont want to be like that so assuming this person will see my board again, I wrote a note to her.
Something like, "Yes, I did it and im sorry. I shouldnt have. But youve got to understand my frustration, it happens almost every day! BUT im sorry. I wont be doing it again. "
The next night, Eva and I went to blockbuster to rent Sex and the City. It was dark and rainy, around 7 and we drive back and park. No one in my spot! Amazing! We walk down the parking aisle to reach the stairs back down the the dorm and i see it! Lying face up in one of the nearby spaces, my SIGN! EEE!
I take that as a sign this girl read my message, perhaps understood..and gave a peace offering! Or at least, a trusted "no further maliciousness" offering. Yay!
When I got back to the room I erased the last message and wrote "thanks :) again, im sorry"
Finally some sort of resolution and happy ending for an SPU saga. And i learned a lesson! Woo

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