Friday, October 10, 2008

You know you go to SPU when...

This is a collaborative effort of Eva and I. And it's all factual. Everything on here has either specifically happened, or happens on a regular basis.

You know you go to SPU when...
-you know three or more people who wear fanny packs

-30% of the girls on your floor swing dance. regulaly.

-you're taken off-guard when you see one of the 4 black students roaming campus

-more people wear UW sweatshirts

-you dress up to go to Gwinn

-"Thats a penis on the clock tower?? EW!!"

-the most popular kids are the ones on hall counsel

-you don't know who Snoop Dogg is

-there are more republicans than democrats

-you write "fuck" on your personal hall white board, come back an hour later and it says "fiddlesticks"

-you've parked your car in moyer spot 3 and suffered the consequences

-the cool guys are the ones giving purity talks

-at least 3 people on your flor brought Veggie Tales movies or CDs

-you're excitd to get an engagement ring and you're only a freshman

-you know who Phil-Dog is

-you're excited to "engage the culture" but rarely step foot off campus

-there's outrage over a planned parenthood ad in the school paper

-there are more than 3 Beths on your floor is blocked from all campus computers because of adult content

-going to group is the most social part of your week

-the best way to talk to the opposite sex: "Man can you believe all the HW from our scriptures class??

-you're REQUIRED to take a scriptures class

-the juciest gossip is about what Pastor Mark Driscol said on Sunday

-your UNIVERSITY won't allow a gay straight alliance club

-Playboy is illegal contraban anywhere on campus

-in the event of a rare informational sex-forum, girls and boys must be separated

-a common question at these forums:"Can a girl get pregnant if she doesnt have an orgasm?"

-The on-campus keggers involved drinking a lot of rootbeer

-you go to soccer games instead of football games

-you're not sure if your school even does anything for homecoming

-your school arranges a speed-dating event to help you find a mate

-Profs dont talk much about that liberal evolution theory

-you think sexuality is a sin

-you think Spirit 105.3 has the best morning show

-you're excited to have 4 boys in your class

-at dances, girls dance separately from the boys, who are dancing stupidly in a cirlce with eachother

-you're offended by this list

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beannie said...

Ahhahaha. So you. So true. I understood all those. Except I don't know who Phil-dog is...