Monday, November 24, 2008

AMAs- a quick overview

The AMAs were on last night. They're not as epic as the VMAs, but they usually feature more relevant stuff then the Grammys. I watched almost all three hous worth so here's a quickie overview.

Taylor Swift- Her and Joe Jonas were both there and both performed. His wasn't anything about her but hers was about him and it was sufficiently awkward. (They just broke up FYI) She was the only one who lipsynched so..great job taylor. I do not like you. Granted, from what i hear, joe jonas is a slime ball and i should be on your side..but i just cannot get past your damn poodle hair and prom dresses. for gods sake. your hair doesn even look that good curly. wear it straight for once in your life. You always look like your heading to your junior prom.

Kanye- won the two he was nominated for. The first acceptance spech was what we expected..rambling..touch of arrogance. The second win, he beat wayne, and he gave his award to wayne! for his acceptance, he's like, I gotta give this award to wayne. last year i didnt get it but it was my year, this year was wayne's, so i gotta give it to him" WOW. when he doesnt get the awards he throws tantrums and when he gets them..he gives them away?

Miley- it was her 16th b day! and she rocked it out for her performance. freakin love her.

Beyonce- I HATE "If i were a boy" its sooooo dramatic. but, put a ring on it?? BOMB. ITs so upbeat and catchy..thats what she performed and she did the same crazy-ass hip moves she does in the vid anit was aMAZing. best performance of the night by my standards. pretty soon im gonna pull that video up on youtube in my room and close the blinds and master those moves.

Rihanna- She is my fashion icon but i was NOT feeling it tonight. Crazy baby doll/tablecloth dress on the red carpet and for her performance...a rhinestoned eyepatch. whaaat.

Nicole Scherzinger-I finally realized. Here's my epiphany- Nicole Scherzinger is the poor man's Kim Kardashinan.

Jordin Sparks- looked gorgeous. she is just glowing, all the time.

Annie Lennox- soo legendary. she did a really intimate performance and got a big ol important award..which i forgot what it was ofically named.

AANd Chris Breezy!- FINALLY this boy gets some recognition! He won some categories and took home the bigest one of the night, artist of the year? (i believe, i didnt take notes). After the VMAs rape, this was well deservd!

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