Wednesday, November 19, 2008

T-Pain has worn out his welcome.

I can't believe I've gone this long at SPU without an angry ranting blog.

But anyways, i just got back ffrom a quickie 4 day visit to cali to see my dad,it was wonderful!

So yesterday, while at the Long Beach airport going thru security, I was wearing my T-WAYNE tank. One of the TSA guys asked me what it meant..he didnt know what it was or if it was for real (that they were really a "group" or something..)but I saw this other guy, maybe hispanic my head i was like, this guy knows what im talking about..and he asked me more about it and i just started talking about how wayne's done whole album collaborations before, like with Juelz Santana, "Cant feel my face" deal. anywhoo. The guy's like, yeah, but do you realy like T pain?

I'm like, well, not extremely, its more bout wayne. which is true. And this got me thinking, who REALLY likes t pain? like, a hardcore t pain fan. I dont think these such people exist. I don't know, he seemed fun at first..2007 belonged to T pain. no question. he probably had 12 major hits that got significant if not excessive radio play. But, if you know nothing about music, T pain is all about the collaborations. I dont think he's done a single song by himself. well, on his CDs obviosly, but all his 27 something radio hits, ALL collaborations. yung joc, akon, fabolous, kanye, wayne, dj khalid, ludacris..list goes on. Even still now with all his overexposire, if you want a hit, you know the question you first ask: "...can we get t pain?" you get it.

But! heres the thing, take away whatever name it is that T pain is collaborating with..and no one gives a shit about t pain! All he sings about its drinks (dranks)! or occasionally girls. its ridiculous. its NOTHING of substance. He's a fun loving party drank kind of guy and because of that image he brings a great energy to his collabo songs. but its getting old. t pain is a one trick pony! the autotune! ...heres my thesis, T pain has solidified that idea that the auto-tune is to the first ten years of 2000 what the synth was to the 80s. Its official. it started off slow with cher and her "believe" song with those effects..a few other people dabbled, b ut now it's a full blown era of auto tune. Kanye just did his whole "808s and Heartbreak" Cd in autotune, Britney did it hella in her last two albums, Blackout and Circus..and the last probably 5 big relased Wayne songs have it. It's cool...but its getting old. thats all im saying.

Actually, what I was trying to say was that T-Pain has worn out his welcome and nobody really likes him.

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