Monday, June 8, 2009

Haus of GAGA

I just heard Love Game for the first time this week and I'm freaking out! I knew I liked it right away from the beat.. instantly obsessesed. I've been listening to it over and over again since then! LOVE the heavy, grinding electric beat. It's irresistible!! You can't NOT want to dance to it!
I hate zombie movies but i cant help but think of myself as a dead person buried in the ground..and if this song came on, my dead body would get its ass up and THRILLER to this shit.

And you gotta love the overt sexuality of this song..God!

So, this is all well and good. Just right now, I saw the VIDEO.

OMG. It was just poptastic goodness, but modern and fresh. And shocking! (Images below..)

Gaga is bringing the return of pop! There's no doubt she's the biggest pop star right now. She's burnin it UP!
Like, its just those catchy songs (I love Poker Face too) you get stuck in your head and want to dance to and sing. She's bringing that, plus the whole shameless pop dimension of the video. With the choreography and sexy outfits and outrageous sexual stuff that shocks! It used to be Brit, all sweaty with a dude licking the side of her face, or Christina grinding in a boxing ring with ass-less chaps. That's been gone a good 5 years I feel like. Whats the last one you can think of??
I'm ecstatic that Gaga is bringing this shit BACK!~

I've heard this mentioned and I'd like to agree with it. She's the new Madonna. She is. She's busting onto the scene, NO ONE like her. She's very unique with he way she dresses, she's got a new sound, very distinct. It's just completely her own style and she owns it. It's extreme and she's out there. But she's cranking out these hot songs and people are fascinated and also confused about her. a la madonna in the 80s! Just like Madonna, she's turning it over to a completely new sound, a new wave of music and style. A lot of people weren't ready for it with Madonna and of course some don't get it today with Gaga. But the masses ARE getting it and loving it!

Theres also a huge focus on her fashion, like madonna. You didn't see this with Brit or Christina. They were just hot. Gaga wears this crazy shit! Very angular, pointy, and costumey. and no pants! Much of which she designs herself. Her bubble dress is now famous! There's just a huge focus on her beyond the music but on what she wears and her as an icon, which is strange, cuz she's relatively new. but its because she's way beyond one dimentional. A lot of people think she looks terrible or don't get it, which is absolutely required of this kind of icon. It has to be disagreed on, discussed. It's gotta raise eyebrows.

and she IS

look at this shit from the video!

some stills from this sick video.