Sunday, October 18, 2009

Candy and Bambi do it again

We cannot be stopped.

How many time have we won stuff already? In January my Lil Wayne trivia skills scored us third row tickets, as you know..and i didnt even POST about Candy and Bambi's backstage BBQ experience at this years Summer Jam, thanks to Bambi winning that. And I won the back stage BBQ passes for Summer Jam LAST year..


Okay so we knew Jay Z was coming to Seattle and were were majorly trying to win that shit off the radio. But to no avail! So, The evening comes, I'm chilling with Bambi, we were going to make a video to post on our facebook page to proclaim we're coming back on the air at KSPU. We gathered outselves to prep what we were gonna talk about and we thought of mentioning how we tried to win those Jigga tix! But then we were like wait, what time is it?? The show hasn't started yet, we can still get our asses down to the key arena to troll about and try to win at the KUBE booth. hell yeah!!

BUT! The thing was, with the Wayne trivia that I won, we already KNEW our stuff. We were bonafied wayniacs (ew, sorry). But Jay-Z? ehhh we're a little behind. SO we knew what we had to do before heading down. STUDY UP!

We got on wikipedia and read up on Jay Z and read bios and took notes on the titles of his albums and stuff.

Study study down there to the Kube tent. They're giving away tix to anyone who can name ALL 11 OF JAY-Z'S ALBUMS.

Am I on top of it with the trivia or what?

Well, aparantly not all the way, cuz I raised my hand, and they called me up, gave me the mic. I was shaking and SO nervous! I completely blanked on the first CD. ...but then it came to me and I got on track.

"Reasonable Doubt, then In my Lifetime Vol. 1.....then.... Vol. 2: Hard Knock life.then..... Vol. 3 The life and times of S. carter, then....Blueprint 1, Bluepring 2...."

And I was eliminated. I forgot DYNASTY: ROC LA FAMILIA. It was before Blueprint.


But dude, I think I did pretty good considering I didnt know ANY of that shit 45 minutes prior.

So Candy and Bambi still hang around the tent..its starting to rain and get windy...getting dark..

Then they announce they have one more set of tix!! NO, 5 MORE sets of tix! They're gonna do a "Name that scratch" blow out.(Name that scratch: they play a micro-second of a song and the first person to ID it wins)

ahh....but we don't know the titles of his songs! I know his voice and I know when I'm hearing a Jay-Z song..but I don't know the titles..ughhh last chance!!!

They give away 2 or 3. All songs that I didn't know.. Then another. It's a saxophone. GOT IT.

I knew it was D.O.A., but I just couldn't believe that no one had called it before I did. In the split second I heard it, I knew it, but thought we wouldn't get it because its SO obvious. But then I realized no one had been called on so I shot my hand up! (This all happened in like 1.3 seconds)

"Death of AutoTune...DOA!"

"You got it!"


We're in!

AWESOME show.. I didn't have my camera but they had some good effects and visuals. You'll just have to believe me.

N.E.R.D. was there too which I had no idea about. Pharrell is so awesome. His tats are GONE too BTW. *sigh* So he rocked out for a little bit. i love his moves.

Then! We hear RiRi's "Feel it coming in the air.." and crowd goes crazy!

HOVA slowly rises up from under the stage on this trap door/elevator thing. WOW what a presense. Like, it kind of took my breath away because he's such a legend. And now we were really seeing him.

He's so powerful too, he just looks BIG. Not like that midget lil wayne! Jigga's a big guy! Had his shades on..

He did Run this Town, then DOA. Then a whole bunch of other stuff I don't remember! But he did all the hits. Empire State of mind (minus Saddlebags McGee), Big Pimpin', Dirt off ya shoulder, Can I get a, Hard Knock Life, Encore, his verse from Swagga like us..umm...So many more. I forgot about all the hits he had till I kept knowing every song her played like oh yeah THIS one!!

Dancing the whole time too. You couldn't NOT.

He was up there probably 60-90 minutes. Closer to 90. It always goes by so fast. But he did a whole segment just calling people out in the crowd, Thanking them all for coming. Even ppl all the way in the back. He's not jaded, he said. He still appreciates every single person that was there, bring energy and supporting him. It was really amazing.

Show was sold out too, which I didnt know! It took awhile for it to fill up during the opening acts but by the time Jay took the stage there was not an empty seat. DAMN.

And going along with his powerful presence..and humility, thanking everyone..He's a different guy to me now. I see him differently. I used to be kind of neutral. He's a good rapper and definitely legendary, but who could get past that face! I Always have been a little concerned about the outcome if he and Bey have kids..but I don't see him as this ugly goon anymore. I haven't completely jumped the fence..I don't think he's the sexiest man alive or anything. But I don't have to struggle to look past his features anymore. I see JAY Z now. Legend. Mogul. Powerhouse.

Plus, I love the fact that even tho he's from Marcy Projects, sold drugs, talking about big pimpin "me give my heart to a woman-not for nuthin, neva happen I be forever MACKIN" he's now married to Ms. Bey! A VERY strong, classy woman who I KNOW isn't afraid to put him in his place. Gotta love it. He's still badass tho.

Love them together, I used to not get it, but now I get it.

SO sold on Jay-Z.

Awesome show. I'm now a legit HOVA fan!

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