Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do you hate your freedom??

I just can't put off ranting about this any longer... I know probably 10 or more people now who are my age and are either pregnant, already have a baby or have chosen to be married! what!

You're not fooling me, I'm the same age as you! I know your maturity level. You were in fifth grade the same time I was in fifth grade, which was not that long ago. Ok technically we're adults past age 18 but what, after 18, poof, you know everything and become mature and ready for life? I'm VERY responsible and mature (not to toot my own horn) but there's NO way I'd consider myself ready or responsible enough for that shit.

So, I was talking to Bambi about it and how crazy it is and she agreed. She too was wondering what was up with these girls and asked "Do they hate their freedom??" Exactly!

You're young! You should be living it up! Not tying yourself down to spend the rest of your life (or at least 18 years, with a child) with someone! You're freaking 20 years old! You don't know who you are yet. You don't know what you want out of life. You THINK you do, but you're NO mature adult at this point. You think you won't change your mind as you grow and develop and have different, unexpected experiences?

Why can't you just enjoy the freedom of youth? Being free to be a teenager or 20-something and run around and do dumb things and make mistakes, without a husband or child depending on you. Once you have that attatchment, your decisions don't just affect you anymore. You always have to think of that other person who is going to be affected by a stupid mistake that wouldnt make a difference if you were just single. You're ensnared!

Youth is a time to explore and make these mistake and figure yourself out. Not get attatched to someone and THEN figure out what you want.

Its absolutely terrifying to me that someone would give up their freedom at such a young age..

Sorry if you're one of these people, but it's just ass-backwards to me.

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