Thursday, October 22, 2009

Throw him in the clink!

Lil Wayne pleaded guilty today on gun charges dating back to 2007. He had some semi-automatic gun on his tour bus in New York. (I've beheld that bus with my own eyes) And now he expects to receive a sentence of one year in jail! At first I was like, what?? really? Because this fool has been in and out of court non-stop since I've started following him! Always some charge or another..and he always gets off!
So, the sentencing won't take place till February, but I say throw that troll in jail!

He needs to learn how to be hard again!(and not in the gay/jail way) I've been needing to post on this topic for a long time but haven't gotten around to it. But Lil Wayne has seriously lost his edge! He used to be so hard, so street. Just watching some of his EARLY videos makes you feel grimy. It's that dirty south! He doesn't have that anymore. All he does is that cheesy autotune shit. And he's guesting on fucking EVERYBODY's tracks! The latest is Shakira! ..Kevin Rudolf..don't get me started on that Jay Sean song.. That is by far the most embarrassing Wayne verse TO DATE!

"Fightin for this girl on a battlefield of love/Don't it look like baby cupid sent her arrows from above"

So embarrassing! That's so far away from what he once was. Even on The first 2 Carter albums. I hear his old stufff and I'm like, that's not the same Wayne that's putting out music today. It's a shame.

And now all this rock shit. Prom queen?? Terrible! His rock album Rebirth was slated to come out April 7th! It's now October and I think he's hoping people will just forget he ever talked about it. Props to his label and managers for pushin that thing further and further underground. That album should never see the light of day.

You know how Elvis was on the top if his game and the top of the charts and HOT?? And then he just went off the deep end and became all Vegas, gained hella weight, sported the mutton chops..and it was really embarrassing for everyone to watch? That's Lil Wayne right now. He's reached that point. Or even like Michael Jordan. He was the best of the best in basketball. But then came back and tried baseball and he was a walking punchline! A joke. Stick to what you're good at.

Wayne told us he'd "keep beatin that street shit in ya ear" but he LIED!! He's corny.

So send him to jail! It'll give him his edge back. He'll write music with all his time in there. And it's not gonna be about baby cupids. It'll inspire the good shit he used to be known for. That grit!

If he doesn't die from withdrawls without all his drugs! My god, I don't know how that's gonna work out!

Remember Wayne, from 'We don't'- "Jail also made men in these hard times."


Bambi said...

Yes! Lock him up! And make sure there will be NO conjugal visits, the world needs a break from his baby-making!

Melissa said...

hahahah yeah the world population will remain steady !