Saturday, December 19, 2009

The craziest shit from 2009

My own personal list of what I loved, what I was shocked and amazed at. I've compiled a top 5 people/moments/happenings of 2009. I've excluded Gaga because I already did something on her ;)

5. The Kardashians

They were in the headlines left and right this year! When we weren't watching them on Keeping up with the Kardashians or the Miami special, Khloe, Kim and Kourtney kept us entertained with their personal lives in other ways! First Kim and Reggie Bush broke up, after almost 3 years! Then it's announced that Kourtney's pregnant! Then Khloe has this whirlwind courtship with Laker, Lamar Odom, and they get married after just one month! (HUGE rock..) Then Kim and Reggie reunite! We've heard about this stuff through the year but we're just now getting to watch how it unfolded behind the scenes, with the return of their show. Can't wait to see more!

PS- I went to their store DASH this summer! This is the front window/display

4. Octomom, Nadya Suleman!

I was especially facinated with this crazy! There was a media circus around this woman who had OCTUPLETS in addition to 6 other kids equalling 14! She really kicked off the year with the focus on hella kids.. Jon and Kate plus 8 becomes really big.. the Duggars get more attention with their 19 some kids. damn!
And you KNOW I'm not gonna go to visit my dad in Cali who lives less than 2 miles from Octocrazy..and NOT go see her!!
I totally took this pic myself
And thats her van right so you know she was there!

I also stalked Samantha Ronson this year, ask me about that some time.

3. MTV movie award Bruno/Em hoax.

I totally bought this shit!!! I couldn't believe what had just happened when I saw it.. (Bruno character flys in from above, suspended by cables, had issues landing and comes down right on Eminem, ass right in his face) Bambi and Nayomi and I were analyzing it and discussing the meanings and repercusions it would have for MTV, discussing how it reflects the hip hop community's persisting homophobia...gettin hella into it and they announced a day later that is was staged! Unbelievable. You couldn't ask for a better stunt. It had everybody fooled and got everybody talking. Props, MTV!

2. MIA hella prego performing at the Grammy's

Her performance with TI, Wayne, Kanye and Jay Z was a complete surprise-the woman was 9 months pregnant! She was due that very same day. But while a lot of women would be on bedrest, she's up there jumping and bouncing around full force with the 4 best rappers out there. Not only did she hold her own with those guys-she stole the show! I was still amazed days later.



1. Kanye Steals Taylors moment at the VMAs

I actually think MIA's award show moment was more epic, but this was a much huger magnitude. The backlash and uproar he caused got EVERYONE talking. Even people who don't know who Kanye or Taylor are knew about this shit. It's defintiely one of the best moments of the year. I'm still laughing about it! I can safely say (as of this moment) that Kanye can do no wrong in my eyes. Let's see how he'll top himself in 2010.

This post is a given

Did you think I wouldn't post something about how Lady Gaga DOMINATED 2009?

I commend MTV for choosing her as woman of the year. Suck it Taylor!

She stormed into 2009 with Pokerface and it was easily one of the top songs of 2009. There's some chip missing in my brain that doesn't allow me to get tired of it, because even though it got crazy radio play, I still listen to it on repeat. I know I'm insane.

Like they said in the clip, she's redifining fashion and has become an overnight icon.

Here are some of my favorite outfits or looks she's done this year








That last one is especially amazing. It's from V magazine.

She is so inspiring to me.. I don't make new years resolutions but this year I want to take more fashion risks. Wear more crazy and dramatic shit like Gaga and Amber Rose. I find it empowering.

She makes me so excited about fashion!! :D

My 2009, in concerts

2008 was a good year for concerts but 2009 blew it away. I racked up a pretty good account this year. Here's who I can add to my concert repertoire from 2009:

(In order that I saw them)

Gym Class Heroes
Lil Wayne
Keri Hilson
Pussycat Dolls
Britney Spears
The New Boys
Asher Roth
Kid Cudi
Sean Paul
The Dream
The Sounds
Katy Perry
No Doubt

And the tickets to see 15 out of these 20 artists were WON. holla!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

So Hard

Ya notice!!

Rihanna is the shit in her new video. I love every single hair/make up look AND outfit she rocks. I'd totally wear ANY of them if I had the chance. The song is so sick too, even though I don't totally buy how hard she's trying to tell us she is.. This is good though, it's like a mix of high fashion and badass. I could imagine seeing any of those looks in Elle or W.

Check it out

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why The VS fashion show sucks

I just got done watching the Victoria's Secret fashion show and I am so disappointed! First of all, I watch to see the models strut on the runway, as it is a FASHION SHOW. This year, they decided to add a reality show element by including a competition to walk the runway as an angel. They showed the auditions..the eliminations, a photo challange, another round of cuts, an "angel boot camp" another cut, a press challenge, and a final winner. What! This isn't America's Next Top Angel! Who fucking cares? I like each new coming angel less and less so the last thing I want to see is another blonde airhead win her way to the top.
Second, after watched what runway they did show, I found myself so bored of looking at the same body type over and over. You'll say, oh Melissa, it's a fashion show and there's a certain body type that looks best to display the garments.. Bull. We all know this is a show of WOMEN and not the garments. I'd venture to guess that this annual show draws more male viewers than female viewers. And what female veiwers there are, I'm also willing to bet most aren't watching to decide what lingerie to buy. People watch the scope the Angels but they're all clones. If you take off the head it could very well be the same body stomping down the catwalk every 2 minutes. Long lengs. Hella skinny, small boobs, no hips, no ass. Long tousled waves.


Which beautiful model does this body belong to?

..or this one??

Surely you recognize the woman that goes with this bangin' bod...

Oh this one is especially good! It must belong to... um...

I know it's Victoria's Secret and they do have a distinct style. But a little variety would really spice things up. I think it would be pleasing for the men who are watching to see some curvier women, along with the more typical model types. It would also at the same time be positive for women to see how sexy a curvier woman can be, instead of just ONE type that is considered the ideal. Personally, I think the Angel's bodies are impressivly toned, I give the props for that, but I don't consider it ideal. I'd love to see them feature some curvier girls shaped like Kim Kardashian or Scarlet Johansson. It would be positive for both men and women, which is a rarity when it comes to this kind of thing.
Third. Why are you putting Chanel Iman up there?? She's high fashion, not glamour model. I don't think she has that sexy sultry look that's essential for Victoria's Secret. And neither does Miranda Kerr or those other cutesy ones they only use for the Pink line, Angels or something innocent. I think the Angels should be SEXY! Not some prepubescent looking girl aimed to be appealing to those with pedophilic tendencies. That isn't necesarily Chanel Iman but she doesn't fit the bill of Victoria's Secret. No one is creaming their panties for Chanel Iman.
Fourth- stop calling the girls who walk the runways at this show "Super Models". Some are. I recognized some of the non-regulars from high fashion ad campaigns. Fair. But just because they are walking in a fashion show and are in Victoria's Secret catalogs doesn't mean they are supermodels. They're lingerie models. Big difference. Heidi Klum for example. I would NOT call her a supermodel. She gained her fame from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition and then became a very famous lingerie model. What did she do that was high fashion?
Sorry, but I'm team Karl Lagerfeld on this one. Heidi, you are not a supermodel. But neither is Alessandra or Adriana or Miranda. Don't feel bad.
Fifth- In the same vein as the models all being the same, why couldn't they just let Selita wear her hair short as it is? They had to sew some weave on her so she could have the same beachy waves as every other model. God forbid there was a girl with short hair. Hard to believe but some guys have a preference for girls with short hair. And some guys have a preference for girls with curves. Just saying, variety is the spice of life!

So, overall, big disappointment. Recently, Rachel has been sharing the things she's learned in her gender communications class and how it's totally changed the way she views everything depicting women from TV shows to ads to music videos. And a bit of what she's shared has rubbed off on me because I'm evaluating the way women are portrayed through this fashion show. They're shamelessly paraded around for the intended purpose of people fawning over how gorgeous they are. Observe the cream of the crop. The finest specimens of female beauty on the planet. These girls are just out there for people to gaze upon their beauty and ogle. The Angels now are becoming more and more cutesy, dressed in ribbons, blowing kisses to the audience, jiggling around. wearing things that say "Play with me". If that's not an example of female exploitation and patronization, I don't know what is. I miss the days with stronger models like Tyra. She was a big woman with CURVES that talked and had opinions. She stomped around with power. A far cry from the submission and "seen and not heard" image of todays Angel clones.

And it's a sad day when FERGIE shows all you models up. Look her legs are actually thicker, but toned. She looked amazing.