Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grammys 2010

I was so excited to be wowed by the red carpet! People stepped it up and looked good and kept it interesting!

Marissa Miller was the first person I saw on the carpet..why the hell was she there? Go home.

..and Ricky Martin too.

And then we see Gaga getting out of her ride! Very intergalactic.

It was this crazy space-like creation. Armani designed it, which is a first; She pretty much always has her "Haus of Gaga" design her wacky outfits.
But this was an artistic expression, she even had a star-prop to hold to compliment the dress! Love it!

And she's rocking the high heels that have no actual heels! a la victoria beckham :)


But before I even looked at the dress I noticed her bright yellow hair! She's done some different colors before but I've yet to see the yellow. But I liked it! And she usually goes for a more straight look too but this was luscious and wavy. Very glam.

And the makeup! Amazing! She had this sultry dark brow. That plus the hair made me think of old Hollywood.. some shimmery eye makeup and a pink lip.

You mere mortals may think me crazy but I think she looked absolutely stunningly beautiful. for real.

But wait! Best part of all- if you look closely at her face, you can see her hair is actually a part of her dress. It's all attatched via this tight hooded body suit! Her hair is freakin attatched by her dress! Only Gaga.


Then Seacrest interviews Russell Brand and Katy Perry. I absolutely love them together!! So funny. Katy just looks great. I love the Bettie Page bangs she's rocking. Adorable. Everything about her is just so irresistible !


And Brand of course is looking freakin sexy. His style is so unique, he just does his own thing and it works. Hot!

Kaley Cuoco- I remember her from that show 8 Simple Rules.. she's doing some other show now.. even so, I'll admit she doesn't really have business being as the Grammys but I'm glad she came because she was looking SEXYY!! Omg. Wearing this sleek silky black dress, plunged all the way down. No double stick tape! That's brave. But GOD. What a knockout! Simple, yet oh-so-sexy.

Heidi Klum- I can't stand her but I have to give her credit, it just worked tonight. I mostly loved the hair. Soft, simple, good color. Cute, short dress. In the interview she kept putting her hair behind her ear and I couldn't help but notice these huge-ass rings! Fabulous!

Keri Hilson- looked beautiful in Dolce and Gabbana... but it was TOO glam. This is the Grammys, not the Oscars. GO crazy! or at least be a little more edgy than this Keri.


India.Arie- Another case of too glam, but she sure did look beautiful.

Maxwell- who are you??

J.Hud- looked a damn mess with those floppy bowl-cut bangs. This girl never gets it right! Funky bangs, too many angles, too tight! It made me uncomfortable to see how tight this girl was cinched in! She probably had 5 pairs of spanks on to fit into that top. I'll pass.


Mary J- She always works the bright colors! A gorgeous bright pink. And the hair! For some reason I was just in love with the hair! Simple and clean, but still coiffed to perfection. Get it, Mary!


Miley- Looks good, a little sultry. Sexy for sure, but not overdone. She didn't look too old. I felt it was ok for a 17-year-old. I approve.


T.Swift- Sparkles and curls. Does her stylist know how to do anything else? She had her curls up this time and looked like a little old grandma.


Bey-Hmm. I'm torn. The dress is a bit too much... something. Too much structure. Too much texture. But I do love the color on her. Props for not doing a metallic dress for once. And we all know Beyonce loves her door-knocker earring but this is too much! Too heavy, too gold! Too blonde on her hair too if you ask me. But overall I can't say she looked bad.


Ke$ha- looks like tr@sh


When asked to define her style, she said "garbage can chic". You got that right! Garbage that fell out of the Rock of Love Bus.

Ciara-Props for being different.. but this was a bit too much going on! PS what happened to the short hair?? :(


Opening performance- GAGA! She looked sooo good! This teal glittery suit with fuchsia glittery eye stickers..
She started with Pokerface (my fave!) and then she fell into the fiery garbage shoot. She quickly emerged sitting at the piano, and across on another piano was Elton John! But Gaga had changed up her look a little! But she was only out of sight for no more than 10 seconds so her handler must have just ripped the eye stickers off of her, slapped her across the face with soot and sent her out! Great duet. She's got a voice.


Song of the Year- Single Ladies. Yay!

Best Country Album- Taylor Swift

Beyonce performs- She stomps out there like she's pissed! I'm super excited to see what she's gonna do...and she starts singing "If I were a Boy" what? To be fair, it was a more roughed up, angry version. I don't like her soft songs. I only like it when she's brignin it hard-dancing, stomping, booty shaking. Sasha Fierce only. But I guess this was Sasha. Then she breaks into Alanis' "You oughta know" No. Brit tried that too. They're trying to get all angry and tough. doesn't work for pop stars. only Alanis.

Pink performs-Kind of a slower song. Capped off with some graceful acrobatics, drenched with water. Even though she's done this acrobatics thing before, this one was different. It was less of the circusy, showy vibe and more artistic. It was very gentle and soft. A good change for Pink. I liked it. I’ll venture to say performance of the night.


Best New Artist- Zac Brown Band. Who?

Black Eyed Peas perform- and it was actually.. really good. I generally dislike their senseless obnoxious songs, but the energy in this performance was undeniable. Visually it was great-It started with all four member shot out from underneath the stage. Their costumes were all very futuristic-to go along with the robotic vibe of the song. And of the whole CD really. Anyway. Great costumes. Great dancing. Major swag. And it actually all came together and sounded good. Maybe because we’re not all sick of “Imma be” yet, but they managed to make “I gotta feeling” exciting again too. Amazing..

Best Comedy- Colbert. Boo! It’s all about Suck it by Kathy Griffin.

Record of the Year- Use Somebody. Boo!

Jamie Foxx got up there, still riding his one big hit. Blame it.. That shit was released in February ’09! We’re over it. But him and T-Pain got up there and did it.. which I was surprised T-Pain was even at the Grammy’s. He’s been VERY quiet for the past 6 months because of this auto-tune backlash right now. I didn’t hear exactly what he said but at the end of the song Jamie shouted out to Jay-Z like apologizing for the auto-tune or something. (Jay Z did that song, Death of Auto-tune, keep up!)

Best Rock- Green Day. Time to retire.

Tribute to Michael Jackson with Carrie Underwood and some other people I can’t remember. Which is ironic because as they were up there I remember thinking Carrie is the least relevant up there singing about Michael.. And now I can’t remember the others! At the end, MJ’s kids Prince Michael and Paris came up and said a few things. I’m not sure how I feel about it..since their whole lives Michael Jackson always strived to keep them away from the cameras..They are some cute kids though. I think Paris is very beautiful.


Bon Jovi performs- I like the Bon Jovi power songs of the 80s and early 90s, but today they don’t have the same edge. They’re very adult contemporary to me. I equate them with Star 101.5. They had the girl from Sugarland come out and sing with them too. That girl’s twang is out of control!!

And finally, Album of the Year- Taylor Swift. That’s some bullshit! Her music is hella generic! Is Fearless really that groundbreaking?? And so juvenile! How can these “music experts” on the panel choose her album?? They belong on some princess-movie soundtrack. It’s all about her childish crushes on boys out of her league and how she’s just this average girl. Gets her heart broken. OLD NEWS. Why are we rewarding this? How is this any different from Justin Bieber or Jesse McCartney songs? Silly child singing about crushes. The only difference is that Taylor is female and writes her own songs and plays a sparkly guitar.

Cut to Gaga in the audience in this amazing ice queen costume, casting a spell on Taylor for stealing her award.

And stop acting so fucking surprised when you win already. It’s getting old. You only sweep every single music award show. Only the BET awards are safe. Or are they??

So to wrap up, I’ll say this round of Grammys was pretty good overall. This year featured way more consistently popular and well-known artists than years past. No irrelevant people sweeping the awards, no throwback old shit. RELEVANT.

Thank you.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A bit delayed, but worth commentary


I read about this on the celebrity blogs even before Bambi went away (sniff) because I remember talking to her about it. Of course, she loves, perhaps even "is" Linsday sometimes..but we all know Linds doesn't have the best rap sheet. She probably hit her peak with Mean Girls (Love that movie) and has been falling ever since. Her movies are punchlines in themselves. Herbie the love bug remake, I know who killed me, Labor Pains. Enough said?

After her guest designing stint with Ungaro was a huge flop.. I was skeptical to hear of her next project: Doing a photoshoot inspired by the relationship between Johnny Depp and Kate Moss. Now you know I love my celebrity interpretation photoshoots-and I take them damn seriously! So needless to say, I was not expecting much of this project, but I was blown away!

I feel like I'm really looking at Kate Moss in these pictures, she has her look down. Part of it too is that she doesnt have to work TOO too hard to channel Kate, I mean, she has the part of strung out, over dramatic, high society waif down pat. Lindsay is probably the only celebrity out there that could do this convincingly. ANyone else trying to look this bad ass and crazy would fall flat, but Lindsay delivered.

Take a gander





You absolutely must watch the video too. That's the part that completely sold me..

Amazing. I feel like this is the closest Lindsay has ever come to anything to be interpreted as "artistic expression". It really is an amazing performance. She captures the essence of Kate so perfectly. The non-chalance, sultry sexiness. She's getting some kind of sensual pleasure out of every movement she makes. Complete Hedonism. You can feel the addictive personality pouring out of the screen, between the constant cigarette smoking and obsessive looks she gives. They're just feeding off one another. Completely consumed.


Friday, January 22, 2010

oh, right, the Golden Globes..

I loved reviewing the fashion from the Globes last year, and was looking forward to doing the same this year. But I'm sorry to say I won't be doing a review cuz the dresses were so god damn boring and uninspired. I watched the awards themselves and E's fashion police and could not bring myself to feign excitment over even a single dress.

Michael helped me refocus. It is the Golden Globes. Nobody wants to "blow their load" (eloquently stated) at the Globes, before the Oscars. That's where it's at. Well, I sure hope so cuz this shit was boring.

You ladies better take some risks next time!

People like Kesha are what's wrong with pop music today.

This is the worst song I've heard in a while. on so many levels. It's been out for a little bit now, I've needed time to hear it and gather my thoughts on it and now they are formed. This bimbo is ruining pop music. This song is complete garbage that represents everything bad about todays mindless pop music.


Right off the bat she's trying to sound like a drunk Paris Hilton. Slurry, stupid, disoriented. A mess. In the video she stomps out of her house in front of her family, a drunk/hungover mess, stating she ready to get tipsy again, in front of her aghast mother and younger siblings. classy.

Then again with the children, she stops her bike around this group of kids. They stop what they're doing to admire her. She turns on the music from her radio for them to listen to her as she next sings that she doesn't have a care in the world, but plenty of beer. Then a switch in tempo as she descirbes the silly guys at the party who try to "touch my junk", which might warrant a slap, but only if they're too drunk.

Really? If it's not obvious enough that you know little girls are going to learn your liyrics and sing them about getting tipsy, crunk, drunk and boys touching their junk, you're gonna take it a step further and actually straight up feature young girls in your video admiring you for this?

This is dispicable and disgusting. Singing as if you're waking up drunk, slurring your words in your own song.

You are what is wrong with pop music today. You are a talentless piece of garbage who is leaving pop music, young girls, and the world in a worse state than before.

Admittedly, the chorus is catchy. And I could see people having fun dancing to it. But it's still nothing of value.

It's just the same old recycled lyrics about partying we've already heard. How many songs have sang about this same thing and have rhymed night and light?

Christina Millian from AM to PM "somebody hit the lights/so we can rock it day and night"

or my personal favorite my the acclaimed Kim Zolciak "We own the club oh yeah we own the night/ And I am not leaving till I see daylight"

Bitch please. and it's not just you, Kesha, it's everyone that's producing you, writing for you, filming your video, or even encouraging you. How can your parents even be proud of you for doing what you're doing?

All the songs on her CD sound exactly the same as TikTok by the way.

The world and little girls everywhere would be better off without you.

Blacklisted! (get it?)

Right now as I type, practically evey channel on the TV is airing the Haiti Telethon. It's backed by some major star power-virtually any celebrity with any kind of relevance will be featured or perform. It only makes sense. If another celebrity will draw more viewers to donate, the more the merrier! It only makes sense to invite all and any celebrity to give this thing more power, but which A-list celeb has been purposely excluded? Kanye of course!

That dude is a ticking time bomb, as we all know by now! The producers didn't want another scene stealing moment from him like the VMAs or this mess..

One of the producers was quoted "Kayne has to make everything about himself. He will do anything to steal the spotlight and, well, this night it's just not about him"

And you know he's right.

I have multiple reactions to this-- It's appropriate, it's hilarious, but at the same time, very pathetic. How embarrassing to be banned from a charity function!

Think of how much celebrity power he has to draw audiences in to donate more money for the people of Haiti that desperately need it. And they're turning that down in fears that he'll make a mockery out of the telethon, shifitng the spotlight away from those in need, to himself.

hmm.. I'm conflicted because to me, Kanye can do no wrong. But seriously? It's gotten to this? I don't want him to ever stop speaking his mind, so I guess for it to be that way this is the way it has to be!

But on a more serious note, the situation in Haiti is atrocious and they need help. Anyone can donate. Even 5 or 10 dollars will help. I donated at red cross's website but there are others. Just do your research first to make sure you know where your money is going.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


(Title of post to be read in best Chris Crocker voice)

People need to lay off Kate Gosselin!


Poor girl cannot stay out the the news! She was in the tabloids for all kinds of negative stuff in 2009, but now she's trying to start fresh in 2010, starting with a new 'do. I think most ppl would agree it's a big improvement. I like it.

But here's the controversy. This great new hair cost $6450. It was done by Ted Gibson of the Ted Gibson Salons. He said he would charge $950 for the cut, $500 for the color and $5000 for the extensions. And of course, people are talking shit about her spending so much on herself.

But you know what? I'm all for it. Here's why:

We live in such a culture of guilt. I feel like this is specifically an issue for women-who are made to feel guilty for treating themselves. Indulging in any kind of extra pleasure, whether sex, food, shopping-whatever. Those indulgences are usually accompanied by questions of whether we deserve it, should we do it, can we afford it, are we being selfish, what will we have to cut back on in order to have it..etc. And that's just what goes on in our own heads, not to mention the comments from other people suggesting we might be over-doing it.

I bet peole's first responses are, "Hey, she has 8 kids to look after and provide for, she has no business spending $6450 on her hair!" But really, in every interview, all she talks about is her kids. They are her number one priority. She does everything for them. Actually, despite her hen-pecking Jon on the show (but shit, he's such a douchebag who even cares) I very much admire her parenting style. I think she is an excellent mother.

So after all she does to provide for her 8 kids, let her do something for herself! You never see her doing anything for herself! Everything is about the kids or fighting back Jon's stupid ass! I hope you're not trying to say that since she's a mother she's no longer a woman that deserves the occasional luxury. She had one hell of a shitty year last year. Her marriage publicly dissolving in the media, being mortified from her ex's immature behavior and having to totally re-start her life. I think she fucking deserves some good hair.

On another note- one more among the many things Kate was relentlessly ragged on about was her wonky hair from before! It spawned spoof videos, wigs for halloween, endless jokes from celebrity bloggers.. and now she goes and does something about it to make it longer and more flowy and gets rid of the skunky color, and people are still gonna bash her about it!


Oh my GOD!!

I could NOT believe this video when I saw it.. Over winter break, I learned the dance from Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video. I pulled it up on youtube and just watched it and kept pausing and rewinding and watching again until I got it down. So, needless to say, I'm very familiar with the music video.
Thats why when I saw THIS youtube video I immediately knew they did this shit EXACT-shot by shot, move by move-even the costumes!
These ppl did it big..I'm SO impressed. It's like Candy and Bambi style- but, hate to say it- Bigger.
So, give it a watch! And look how creative they got-some of the costumes are hilarious!
For those of you not familiar with the play-by-play of the video, I included the real one too. See if you can line them up so they're playing at the same time.
I guarentee you'll be blown away!!

PS if you can't see them both at the same time on your screen, open one in a different window so you can watch them both and see how they match up almost exactly

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Okay, the Carl's Jr. commerical was hot. And it wasn't too much because it was supposed to be funny-all this over the top sexiness, for a salad! But this... these Kardashian girls are taking themselves wayy too seriously if this is for real.