Sunday, January 10, 2010


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People need to lay off Kate Gosselin!


Poor girl cannot stay out the the news! She was in the tabloids for all kinds of negative stuff in 2009, but now she's trying to start fresh in 2010, starting with a new 'do. I think most ppl would agree it's a big improvement. I like it.

But here's the controversy. This great new hair cost $6450. It was done by Ted Gibson of the Ted Gibson Salons. He said he would charge $950 for the cut, $500 for the color and $5000 for the extensions. And of course, people are talking shit about her spending so much on herself.

But you know what? I'm all for it. Here's why:

We live in such a culture of guilt. I feel like this is specifically an issue for women-who are made to feel guilty for treating themselves. Indulging in any kind of extra pleasure, whether sex, food, shopping-whatever. Those indulgences are usually accompanied by questions of whether we deserve it, should we do it, can we afford it, are we being selfish, what will we have to cut back on in order to have it..etc. And that's just what goes on in our own heads, not to mention the comments from other people suggesting we might be over-doing it.

I bet peole's first responses are, "Hey, she has 8 kids to look after and provide for, she has no business spending $6450 on her hair!" But really, in every interview, all she talks about is her kids. They are her number one priority. She does everything for them. Actually, despite her hen-pecking Jon on the show (but shit, he's such a douchebag who even cares) I very much admire her parenting style. I think she is an excellent mother.

So after all she does to provide for her 8 kids, let her do something for herself! You never see her doing anything for herself! Everything is about the kids or fighting back Jon's stupid ass! I hope you're not trying to say that since she's a mother she's no longer a woman that deserves the occasional luxury. She had one hell of a shitty year last year. Her marriage publicly dissolving in the media, being mortified from her ex's immature behavior and having to totally re-start her life. I think she fucking deserves some good hair.

On another note- one more among the many things Kate was relentlessly ragged on about was her wonky hair from before! It spawned spoof videos, wigs for halloween, endless jokes from celebrity bloggers.. and now she goes and does something about it to make it longer and more flowy and gets rid of the skunky color, and people are still gonna bash her about it!


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