Friday, January 22, 2010

People like Kesha are what's wrong with pop music today.

This is the worst song I've heard in a while. on so many levels. It's been out for a little bit now, I've needed time to hear it and gather my thoughts on it and now they are formed. This bimbo is ruining pop music. This song is complete garbage that represents everything bad about todays mindless pop music.


Right off the bat she's trying to sound like a drunk Paris Hilton. Slurry, stupid, disoriented. A mess. In the video she stomps out of her house in front of her family, a drunk/hungover mess, stating she ready to get tipsy again, in front of her aghast mother and younger siblings. classy.

Then again with the children, she stops her bike around this group of kids. They stop what they're doing to admire her. She turns on the music from her radio for them to listen to her as she next sings that she doesn't have a care in the world, but plenty of beer. Then a switch in tempo as she descirbes the silly guys at the party who try to "touch my junk", which might warrant a slap, but only if they're too drunk.

Really? If it's not obvious enough that you know little girls are going to learn your liyrics and sing them about getting tipsy, crunk, drunk and boys touching their junk, you're gonna take it a step further and actually straight up feature young girls in your video admiring you for this?

This is dispicable and disgusting. Singing as if you're waking up drunk, slurring your words in your own song.

You are what is wrong with pop music today. You are a talentless piece of garbage who is leaving pop music, young girls, and the world in a worse state than before.

Admittedly, the chorus is catchy. And I could see people having fun dancing to it. But it's still nothing of value.

It's just the same old recycled lyrics about partying we've already heard. How many songs have sang about this same thing and have rhymed night and light?

Christina Millian from AM to PM "somebody hit the lights/so we can rock it day and night"

or my personal favorite my the acclaimed Kim Zolciak "We own the club oh yeah we own the night/ And I am not leaving till I see daylight"

Bitch please. and it's not just you, Kesha, it's everyone that's producing you, writing for you, filming your video, or even encouraging you. How can your parents even be proud of you for doing what you're doing?

All the songs on her CD sound exactly the same as TikTok by the way.

The world and little girls everywhere would be better off without you.

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Anonymous said...

You think this ones bad? Check out her "die young" video.