Tuesday, March 30, 2010

She's back!

Omg I completely freaked out when I heard Christina had a new song! I didn't even know she was working on a new album. Look at the cover artwork!! It's so different from what I'd expect from her. Man. You have to give her credit. Christina switches it up every single time. She's constantly reinventing herself. Gotta love it, she keeps things interesting.

BUT. While I think this is all amazing and exciting, girl has already come under fire for ripping off Gaga. Like, before I even knew who Gaga was. It's kind of undeniable. (This was around the time she relased "Keeps gettin better") And what's also undeniable is that this new vibe is TOTALLY electro pop a la Gaga.

Just noting an obvious similarity. I still love it though.

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