Friday, April 30, 2010

I had high hopes for this video..

But alas I am disappointed. Why? I wanted to see something different. Something cutting edge, especially with her re-inventing herself yet again with this new "Bionic" theme. I feel like this was pretty expected. Don't get me wrong- I love overt sexuality, but I feel like this was a second attempt at "Dirrty" shock-value.

On the same note of wanting something different.. I could maybe handle it for just being unorginal but girl straight up jacks several looks and imagery from other videos! Namely Gaga!! Are you serious?? I've already said this! You are already coming under fire for jacking her style. You must tread carefully around anything sounding/looking like Gaga.. but no. Xtina goes there. Straight up!

I'll show you..

Eye Stickers/ Jeweled ornamentation in the video at 0:12.
Careful Christina, Gaga's been doing that...


The Most shameless and completely obvious. Definitely check this one out. Same Carrara glasses shot with the red lips as this at 0:20 in the vid. Really?


Gaga's Pokerface eye-circle imagery at 0:55

The 1:27-1:29 look is just wayy too Gwen Stefani for me. The Pin-up bangs with slicked back pony and red lips. Winged liner. That's essential Gwen Stefani to me.



.. And the pleather-ish bra she's wearing in that same look actually..

And towards the end pouring tar on herself.. thats already been overdone. By Christina Millian in the "Dip it low" video. Or by Shakira all covered in tar in the "La Tortura" video.

And how things start to catch fire in the ends... a la Bad Romance...


I really wanted to like this video.. But I suppose all is not lost. It loses major points for the rip-off imagery but I must say I do love the 1:03 boob-grab, the girl-on girl scene and the end scenes when shes wearing the red lingerie with the guy on the bed. Not to say those things havent been done before but I feel like they're common enough to not to attributed to "copying" any one video.

hmmm..on a side note though.. Someone who's obviously taking other people's ideas should NOT be allowed to be this bitchy..


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