Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Aww Shit! This video man.. I'd say second best only to Bad Romance. Gaga is really making this into an art form. Her videos lately have been soo hotly awaited and then when you finally see them, not only are they visually stunning but they need to be dissected and interpreted. I just now saw the video and I'm trying to put it all together.. there's an obvious homo-erotic military theme, mixed with Catholicism.. Was it Alejandro that was dead at the beginning? And the rest of the video is flashbacks? What is the significance of the evil queen-Gaga at the beginning?
Mmm God I love it.
She did what Christina failed to do with Not Myself Tonight. Both have overt- sexuality but Alejandro brought something new. Christina's use of domination was obvious and not creative. The domination in Alejandro takes a differnt turn when the guy is shown wearing stockings and heels.. and features not an obviously vampy, made-up dominatrix (Xtina), but a surprisingly bare-faced Lady Gaga. Not completely but it's definitely the most bare-faced I've seen her. No showy costume, no crazy wig, bare minimum make up. That alone is kind of shocking, considering who we're talking about. Especially considering being the dominator is supposedly a position of power but she looks more weak and vulnerable than anything else. What is she trying to say with that?

Here it is, Alejandro:

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