Sunday, June 6, 2010

MTV needs to stop having such a Twilight boner.

2010 MTV movie awards AKA the Twilight show.

No pics for this one cuz the movie awards aren't really geared towards extreme fashion or crazy eye-popping performances. Let's jump right in..

Best Female performance- KRISTIN Stewart. I refered to her as KIMBO to Eva, and have been referring to her as Kimbo Stewart for the past year and I finally realized KIMBO Stewart is someone else, Rod Stewart's daughter! LOL Why have I been calling her Kimbo? Her name is Kristin... hahahah my bad. I'm obviously a huge fan.

Best Breakout Star- Anna Kendrick. That's bullshit. She was so harpy and annoying in "Up in thr Air". The bearded dude from Hangover should have won. no brainer.

Cutting to different celebs in the audience and I spied Lindsay Lohan! Shoot, what else does she have going on? If anyone questions why she's there, don't forget she hosted the MTV movie awards in 2004-the youngest host ever @ age 17.

Then "Les Grossman" (Played by Tom Cruise) does this ghetto dance number.. Considering this was Tom Cruise, it was pretty impressive. Tom's got SWAG! And then I was completely thrown off when I hear "Get Right" come on by J.lo.. and then she pops out and does some choreography. SO random. Of all songs.. Get Right? Some song that never got popular, but was mainly just made fun of for the excessive horns or whatever hell instrument its suposed to be. 5 YEARS ago. I just didn't understand why.

Scared as Shit Award: Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer's Body.

Best Kiss: Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift were nominated for Valentines Day and I was really hoping they'd win just for the sheer awkardness..

Katy Perry performance: California Gurls. SO over her. I saw her in concert last summer and loved it.. I relate to her songs but I've just had it with her pin-up-too-cute-and-innocent-yet-secretly-naughty act. One of the Boys is a solid album and I dont know what else she has up her shiny sleeve with her new CD but this California Gurls song is straght up shit. Terrible! And I'm a California girl myself so you know its gotta be bad if I'm rejecting it.

Generation Award: Sandra Bullock. Looking HOT for a second night in a row to accept in a sliky backless dress with nude heels. ScarJo is up there presenting to her and then they kiss... what!

Best WTF momemt: Ken Jeoung AKA Asian guy from Hangover

Best Villain: Tom Felton from Harry Potter. This makes me realize that Harry Potter has been plaguing my existance for TEN YEARS now.

Biggest Badass Star: "Rain" who the fuck

Sneak Peak at Eclipse..... 5 minutes I'll never get back.

Best Male Performance: ROb Pattinson.

Now time for Christina's big performance. gotta hype her album Bionic that comes out this week.. amidst the copy-cat criticisms Xtina has a lot riding on this performace. Sooo she starts out with "Bionic" and I kinda like it. Hits some impressive high notes. Then segue into "Not myself tonight" and she performs basically everything the same from the video. Grabbed a male dancers face and shoved it into her crotch. Then trasition into that terrible wreck of a song "Woohoo" Complete with a flashing heart over her vagina.
So overall grade of the performace..too obvious? boring? expected? She didn't do anything that we haven't already seen-either in her video or from Adam Lambert 6 months ago at the AMAs. Even the flashing heart thing.. Kanye did that at the 2008 VMA. except not over his vagina. She failed to bring it. Sorry.
Vocally it was her usual Christina level-that is, amazing. But for stage presence and excitement and bringing something new or unexpected? What did she do that was unexpected? I guess the flashing heart was as far as she was willing to go. Sorry, I'm not a hater I'm just calling it like it is, When you're at that level, you really have to bring it. Like Gaga performing Paparrazzi at the VMAs-she did something different from the video and totally unexpected. Or Pink at the Grammys- something different and unexpected and WAY inpressive with her acrobatics. Time to raise the bar Xtina!!

Best Comedic Performace: Zack Galifinakis

Best Movie: take a wild fucking guess. CLUE: see best Male performance, Best Female performance and Best Kiss.


Bambi said...

OMG They had "Rain" perform? He is the big Korean "hip/hop" star! I hear his hits all the time at the club!

Melissa said...

omg who the hell!! he didnt perform, just won an award.