Thursday, July 29, 2010

Am I being won over to the dark side??

That wasn't intended to be a pun..but whatever. I've been kind of a Nicki Minaj hater becuase she just seems so grimy and nasty... but I must admit in the last few weeks she's been growing on me. First her guest spot on Drake's song "Up all night" is pretty damn good. And I was surprised that I really like her newest single "Your Love". So I was definitely warming up to her but still reluctant until I chanced to switch to a channel showing the music video of Diddy's "Hello Goodmorning" remix RIGHT as Nicki's verse begins. Hellllooooo... straight-up SICK. I loved the inflections and emphasis she put on on the words.. and the visuals of her make up and hair and movements.. I can't help it. It's very reminicient of Eve's Tambourine vid actually.. with the bright hair and makeup and badass attitude. And you know I love that.

So.. I guess I'm converted?

Here's the clip of her verse.

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