Thursday, August 5, 2010

I expect this from Xtina.. but CHER??

Wow.. here she goes again, doing something that's already been done. This Burlesque movie is sure looking like a piece of shit... and whats worse is its a piece of shit Ive already seen before. Hmm let's see...a movie about a young, modest, small-town girl going to LA and HEY!! She can sing!! Crossroads anyone? Glitter with Mimi is practically the same. Girl from humble backgrounds trying to get into singing.. and it's discovered she has a miraculous voice!! Repeat this same scenario but replace singing with dancing and you've got Coyote Ugly AND Showgirls.
I was kind of neutral and even hopeful when I saw shots from Xtina and Cher filming this shit.. assuming Xtina was doing a legit acting role and not just playing a singer and banking on her amazing voice to carry her thru the movie. NOPE.

Chech out this cheesy, expected mess!!

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