Friday, December 17, 2010

Everything is exactly how it should be.

For the second year in a row, MTV has named Lady Gaga as Woman of the year!!

And my OTHER fav won for MAN of the year.... that would be Kanye. Just perfect. The two best, most talented, and utterly original artists right now, right at the top where they should be.

Here's the video clips for both. Of course I love Gaga and she is my goddess and all.. but I find Kanye's video more exciting because it involved redemption!! He really wasn't in a great place PR-wise, when 2010 began. Fresh off the Taylor Swift incident and still under fire for it.. but then he starts releasing killer music and rises again! Kanye will always rise again!!!

In contrast, Gaga hasn't fallen. She's this epic pop music monster, that keeps growing and growing and growing with no end in sight! She didn't even release an album in 2010 and yet she's still dominated so hard. With her next album out early next year.. I think we might be going for a three-peat

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