Monday, February 28, 2011

Born This Way

Gaga released her new video this morning and I already wrote a little review on it but this is the re-edited, post-enlighted version. I love every bit of this video!!

At first I didn't like the intro and it was just Sci Fi and gross but now I get it.
This video has such an awesome message and theme!! It's total woman power and love! It's like she's empowering us to love ourselves and eachother even if we don't fit into conventional molds. It's showing us her dream, of a new breed of humanity who doesn't know hate. It shows her holding all those other people, and at the end when it shows them in a pool of all the skin colored paints blurring and blending together.

And interestingly, this new humanity is centered under a female god figure. Plus other female subjects.. aside from the female God in the video, she makes this mother connection between the "Mother Monter" God and her own biological mother, when she says how her mother taught her everyone is born a superstar. And telling people they are all queens. And the power of women to give birth and give LIFE. Total Woman power. LOVE

And to add to the message of it all, Gaga just looks straight up bangin!! Her bod is amazing. And I oddly think she looks so HOT when shes in the leathery bra and panties doing the choreography. I also love her in the suit painted as a skeleton! So sick.

This makes my top two favorite Gaga vids. Second only to Bad Romance.

2011 Oscars

The Oscars got freshened up a bit this year with some youth from hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco. The ceremony was pretty fun, not as stuffy as years past; I enjoyed it quite a bit!

Here's the fashion highlights!

Hailee Steinfeld in Marchesa

The 14-year-old was up for a best supporting actress for her role in True Grit. Everyone seemed to be in agreement that this was the perfect dress choice for her. Doesn't she look adorable?

ScarJo in Dolce and Gabbana

SEX BOMB! Honestly the first thing I noticed was her loose, short sexy hair! Love it! Usually she goes for very stiff, sculptured up dos or ringlet curls and this is what I've been DYING to see from her! Perfection. And then I noticed the dress!!! Omg what a gorgeous purple. It's just stunning, the beautiful cut, the lace, the subtle see-though and the cut-out in back...And who is this hot arm candy she's got??

And look at her sultry copper smokey eyed make up

Everything is to DIE for, I am in love.

Nicole Kidman in Dior

This doesn't make the cut for me. I don't like the detailing/embellishments and I don't think that origami jutting out at her hips is doing her any favors.

Melissa Leo in Marc Bouwer

Too much! The lace, the collar, the gold, the sparkle.. and it's so stiff! It looks like this dress has been starched to within an inch of its life!!

Marisa Tomei in 1950 Couture Charles James

I wasn't a huge fan of this, but learning it's 1950 couture did give me a little different perspective.. In that context, I do have some appreciattion for it. It has something going for it in its own special unique way. .

J.Hud in Versace

Did homegirl get a new stylist?? This is a BIG improvement. Probably the best dressed I've seen her on a red carpet ever. That's a big deal. The hair on the other hand, needs some work.. looked a bit too stiff and matronly for me.

Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein

Damn Jennifer is lookin sexay in this slinky little thing. Love! The best I've seen her look!

Hilary Swank in Gucci

I love the bottom of this dress with the feathers but everything up top is just blah for me. I don't like the top of the dress, nor do I like the hair or make up look. Sorry Hil. I still love your movies.

Helen Mirren in Vivienne Westwood

This is a bit more of an adventurous cut for her, and I like it. Vivienne Westwood gets a LOT more off the wall than this, so it's not too crazy for Helen to pull off this look. I like to see these little risks here and there! Well done, as always.

Gwenyth Paltrow in Calvin Klein

I must say I am loving the Calvin Klein tonight! This is gorgeous! Love the metallic on her, and love her straight hair.

Florence Welch in Valentino

Yes, this is almost the same color palatte as what she wore to the Grammys two weeks ago, but I do love it. I like it even more than her Grammy dress actually. The off white just really makes her red hair pop! Love the sheer lace and high neckline.

Celine Dion in Armani Prive

This is the best I've seen Celine in years!! Granted, I haven't seen her around much.. but I didn't even recognize her when I was looking at this wonderful dress. Love the color, love the sculpted shoulder, love the plunge.

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy

This is a work of art. I love how different this is. Wonderful ornate detailing around the circle shape up top and down through the waist. The circle itself looks plain but if you look closer it has pleating all inside.
It's very structured up top so the waist is defined to make sure we still see some shape. Love the strong shoulders and high neck! Just exquisite.

Sandra Bullock in Vrea Wang
This is meh. I don't dislike it but there's nothing exciting about it for me.

Reese Witherspoon in Armani Prive

I like the dress even though it's pretty basic. It seemed to remind people of Julia Roberts' vintage dress she wore to accept her best actress oscar 11 or 12 years ago. But it's hardly a copycat. And I like the Barbarella hair!

Natalie Portman in Rodarte

She WOULD. I hate Rodarte. This is boring!!

Mila Kunis in Elie Saab
This is the prettiest look ever! What a dainty feminine color! I adore that shade of lavender. I also love the sheerness and light airy ruffles, it's so spring! But my very favorite part about this dress is the delicate lace on her tittays!!
It almost gives the effect that we are looking at lace pasties peeking through! I know that's not the case but that's what I imagine!! I am in with love this!

Michelle Williams in Chanel

So pretty, and MUCH improved from her Globes daisy dress. This is an adult, Oscars dress, and so old Hollywood. Understated Old Hollywood, but still. Beautiful silhoutette, color and beading on this dress. And the hair and make up is perfection.
She looks like a doll! Love the darker brow against her platinum blonde pixie. Adorable.

Halle Berry in Marchesa

I do love the color and material and overall feel of this dress. Very feminine and floaty. The more I look at it actually, the higher this dress moves up on my list. It's like she stepping off of a cloud, or trailing one behind her.. it's very mythical to me.

And there you have it; These were the biggest names of the night and overall most noteworthy.

My Worst Dressed:
Nicole Kidman

Most Improved award goes to J.Hud!!!

Honorable Mentions:
Gwenyth Paltrow and Celine Dion

MY Best Dressed

5. Michelle Williams
4. Halle Berry
3. Cate Blanchett
2. Mila Kunis
1. ScarJo

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Filthy hot mess.

Not in a good way.

This video was all over the place.. here are my complaints

1. I just don't think she looks GOOD at any point in the video, not hair or makeup or costume or anything!!

2. Too much product placement!! What is with that these days?? Gaga did it too in the Telephone video, directed by the same guy, Jonas Ackerlund. Placements I caught include: Radiance (her own perfume), Make Up Forever, Plenty of and Sony.. I don't like this trend!!

3. The fighting scene! If it was intended to make her look badass or sexy a la Christina Aguilera in her Dirry video where she fights another chick... it failed. She looked so bad, ratty weave, short and squatty legs.. it just looked terrible. It looked like a fat lezzie drunken brawl outside a club.

4. My friend Adam put it better than I: "Gimme-More confused drugged up face" Yes. This is major flashbacks to that nightmare of a performance from the VMAs. She's just kind of confusedly stumbling around, thinking she looks good?

5. Last, the choreography. I feel like it must not have been very good because whenever she was doing choreography, we never got a continuous shot for more then maybe 2 seconds. I feel if it was actually strong choreography and she did it well, they wouldn't be constantly cutting in and out of it and splicing it in with other visuals. Impressive choreography needs to be shown continuously for at least 4 or 5 seconds to get a feel for what it is and to appreciate it. I feel, anyways. It's like they're hiding it because it probably wasn't that impressvie when put together.

Sigh. I guess the weird thing is that I'm more disappointed with Jonas Ackerlund than Britney. I've come to expect this from Britney, but Ackerlund has such a good portfolio of work!!

On to the next.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The underwhleming Grammys

The Grammys this year were boring, underwhleming and anticlimactic. Even the fashion was kind of blah..

I have a lot to say about the awards and performances..but first red carpet!!

Heidi Klum

BIG step up from that Marc Jacobs disaster she wore to the Globes. I think she looks great in this slinky gold dress.

Willow Smith

Ugh! She looks terrible! The orange streaks, the shoes, that cape..and what is that mobile shit she's holding? I'm not afraid to hate on a child. This girl is NOT cute..

Ricky Martin

OMG I think he looks bangin!! Love the metallic pants with the boots. This is just freakin hot.

Lady Gaga rollin in, in her egg

She was "incubating" in this egg in preparation for her performance. While it did add some much needed theatrics to the red carpet, I do feel a bit cheated. Since she didn't hatch out of the egg, that's one less outfit we got to see her in.


At first I wasn't sure but this ended up winning me over. Hair and Makeup look great. And I did come to love the dress. It really shows off her hourglass hips. Alternating stripes of white frills with sheer fabric.. you could pretty much see her cooch and butt crack.. but it was subtle enough. She's done a similar concept to this before; it reminded me a lot of the alternating white-and see through outfit she wore suring her AMA 2009 performance:

Her red carpet dress is a big improvement on that look!


Tom Petty?

That's what Bambi and I thought when we saw this.

Apparently this is David Guetta. hahaha We had a good laugh over that one. We really though it was Tom Petty from afar.

Nicki Minaj

I was watching with Bambi and she was getting clautrophobic just at the sight of this outfit. Nicki's basically covered from head to toe, the only skin not covered up is her face. No ankle or hands, high neck..Even the HAIR is engulfing and covering up the sides of her head like a helmet. Between this outfit and Gaga's encapsulated egg, Bambi called this red carpet "A claustrophobic's nightmare!"

I do like the outfit. It's just Nicki. It's not really supposed to look GOOD. It's just wild and crazy. She was giving Seacrest hella sass on the red carpet interview too! Even more points for that.

Kim Kardashian

I Hate myself every time I say something complimentary about her, but you have to admit this trick looks bangin. Absolute bombshell status in this dress. She said there was a major fashion emergency getting dressed because her huge ass wouldn't fit in the dress so she almost didn't come out! But you know she threw an epic bitch fit and some tailor came out and fixed it up for her last minute.

Jordin Sparks

Noo!! What is this JCPenney contemporary prom collection mess? I ALWAYS think Jordin looks absolutely ravishing. I've never seen her look less than stunning, but this is all bad. I'm a BIG fan of her red carpet looks, but not tonight. Not enough make up, and the dress is hideous. Major sad face.

Miley Cyrus

When her hair moved away from her sides there was some major side-boob action going on. The dress is just kind of "meh" for me though.

John Mayer

Or, a bloated, coked-out Johnny Depp.

Keri Hilson

Don't like the hair, or the dress really. And the shoes.. ew.

Look what other trick decided to grace us with his presence..


Julianne Hough

The picture doesn't do this look justice. I saw her on TV and though she looked great. Soft, wavy hair swept back, soft frills on the dress. It worked for me. But from this picture alone, I wouldn't be that impressed.

Jennifer Lopez

I thought this was Hot! She's really been workin the red carpets lately! I have been impressed by every look I've seen from her for a while!! Love this mirror dress. Love the hair. She's still got it.


....really? She really needs to get a new stylist! She never looks good on the red carpet. Her dresses just don't flatter her. And come on! She's lost all this weight. She could really be wowwing us with her hot new bod but this... isn't it. What's with the cheap ass shoes on this red carpet too? Looks J.Hud and Keri Hilson are rockin some Payless designs.

Hayley Williams of Paramore

If it wasn't for the sheer stomach, I'd like this. I like the hot pink ruffly skirt part. And her eyebrows were red to match her hair! Awesome!

Florence of Florence+the machine

This works for her. It was funny because on the E red carpet special, the hosts were picking which dresses from the runways they'd like to see celebrities in, and Kelly Osbourne picked this exact dress for Florence like 2 weeks ago! It's destiny.


I was not a fan of this. It's too hodge-podge for me. And too much skin. Skin up top, skin on the sides, and a whole lotta leg. Admittedly, her body looks great, but it's just too much skin display for me.
And the shoes are distracting; I feel like they don't go with the vibe of the dress.

And the show begins!!

.. with maybe the worst opening of all time.

This sucked even harder than Eminem and Riri opening the VMAs last year. The opening is supposed to start right up, before anything else happens. And it's suppose to pump us up for the show!

This years Grammy's were "dedicated" to honoring Aretha Franklin. Does this have something to do with the fact she has pancreatic cancer?? Hmm..Why do we have to start worshipping these stars once they're dead or stricken with cancer?
I don't get anything from her performances or songs.. to me its just a big fat lady screeching. It's annoying.

So that's the context for our opening, but, all of a sudden, the grammy's have started and were expecting a performance, and instead we get someone talking at the podium, explaing shit about Aretha. Come ON! Opening performances don't get set ups. They're supposed to be self-explanatory. So we're introduced and all that, we're told What, Why and WHo the opening is going to be.. and then it happens. No no and no. You are totally disrupting the flow of an awards ceremony.

So it's Snookitina, Martina McBride, J.Hud, Florence and some other gospel singer I don't care to look up.

Snookitina Dragulera was tryin to make that shit all about her but J.Hud stole the show.

So you know I'm always hatin on J.Hud but she gets props for this. I actually, for the first time in history, liked what she was wearing. All black with these gold metal shoulder pieces. I LOVE. And she sounded AWESOME. She did "Respect" and brought that shit down.

First award of the night is for Best Pop Duo or Group: Hey Soul Sister, by Train.

Then Ricky Martin comes out in his sick ass metallic jeans and intros the Gaga performance.


She emerges from her egg and performs her new song "Born This Way" for the first time. And she's definitely reinventing herself for this new album. She premiered a new look, a long, high pony tail and short short bangs. She also had, along with her dancers, really pointy alien-like shoulders. And not her clothing; her SKIN. It was sick. She also had some pointy/boney protrusions on her face. Same with the dancers.

A new choreography-vibe for her too. Check out this video of the performance while you can; I suspect it will be taken down sooner or later.

Then a Miranda Lambert performance I found very boring.

Then Muse performed Uprising.. really? That shit was released as a single in Summer 2009. Old news. Don't you have anything else?

Performance with B.O.B., Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae. meh.

Best Female Country Vocal: Miranda Lambert

Bieber performance- He sounded good at first when he started with "Baby" acoustically on the guitar, then he broke out into a bigger production.. and towards the end who pops out but another unwanted. unwelcome Smith child. This time it was Jayden. ugh. They ended the song like back to back with these tough looks on their faces like they're so hard.. give me a break.


(Note to Smith Children! Stop bastardizing music and iconic American movies. Jayden HAD to fuck with the Karate Kid movies and now Willow is going to star in a remake of Annie. AS ANNIE. Fuck no.)

Anyways, then Jayden disappeared and Usher came out and Biebs and Ursh did OMG. I do love that song but I have little respect for Usher as a performer. He's a great dancer. And it ends there. Beyond that, He puts no effort forward for any kind of vocal performance. I've ranted about this before though, so no need to rehash it.

Best Rock Album: Muse. For whatever that album was called.

Best Pop Vocal: The Fame Monster, Lady Gaga!

She was wearing these hella high, "no heel" heels. Love it.

Best Country: Need you now, Lady Antebellum

Cee-Lo Green performance-


This fat fuck.. I find him so annoying. .His creepy-ass Cheshire Cat smile. And YES that's Gwenyth Paltrow performing with him and it's the only thing that saved the performance for me. She was hella funny! She said something like "I am so mad at yo ass right now!!" haha. And on a side note, she was wearing the exact same outfit BAMBI wore for New Years Eve.

Ok in sum- Cee Lo is not my cup of tea. He's probably a great person, but I am not a fan.

Katy Perry performance

This was just too sappy syrupy sweet. I love Valentine's Day but I draw the line. Before this part in the picture, she opened the performance on a swing while her "Never before seen" Indian wedding footage played in the back! BARF!

The Grammy's are NOT the place to showcase your sappy home videos! Inappropriate.

Ok now, this was the most underrated performance of the night. It was Keith Urban and John Mayer on these dueling guitars, with Norah Jones in the middle of them singing. They sang Dolly Parton's Jolene! It was so beyond good. It was just one of those moments.. I wish it lasted longer, but the performance was very brief, maybe 2 minutes tops. It was just totally stripped down acoustic, but so soulful and awesome. Here's a clip, I know it's not the best quality, but all the other ones I found on youtube didn't have John Mayer's part included. weird. But just watch.


After they sang, they announced the winner of Song of the Year: Need you now, Lady Antebellum

Eminem performance with Rihanna and Dr. Dre- Out comes the gaunt lezzie, spewing his anger in an indecipherable rage of a performance. Is he ever going to get tired of being enraged? I counted like 4 different veins on his face and neck that looked like they were ready to blow while he was rapping. . The one saving grace of the performance was Dr. Dre. Seriously, when was the last time this man performed? I'm surprised they didn't hype it up more.. But it was a pretty short part.

Best New Artist- I had it going to Drake. But you never know, the Biebs SWEPT the AMAs and had a big presence at the Grammys here so it could be him..Or shit, maybe even Florece and the Machine..

..And it goes to........"Esperanza Spalding"

I did NOT appreciate that. I let out a screechy "WHAT!" so high pitched the dog in the room got upset.

This is all wrong! We're supposed to actually KNOW who the Grammy winners are. It's disorienting and just no fun when the winners are these unknown mystery artists. It needs to be somewhat mainstream for the sake of understanding! This is just a slap in the face.

Mick Jagger performance- What a legend

This rock and roll God is still kickin! I though he looked awesome. He's 67 years old!! And look how he's dressed! Sick turquoise blazer, skinny pants and a gold belt buckle. And he was really movin and jumping and running around up there too. PROPS. This is what artists should apsire to still be able to do 40 years from now. Amzaed.

Best Rap Album: Recovery, Eminem. When the camera showed him, when his name was announed as a nominee, he looked pissed. Everyone else was happy to be there and be nominated and here's Eminem and he's angry. Get over yourself!

Riri and Drake performace- Oh my GOSH this was an electric performance. "What's my Name"- She looked BOMB. He hips and legs are to die for, and she knows how to work it.. with her sexy gyrations.. she looked amazing in her little belted, fringey outfit.

In the video for the song, Drake and Rihanna's chemistry is so real and sexual.. and this performance was so different. It was seriously exciting seeing them flirt and grind together on the stage. They really connect and make me wish they were a legit couple. Oh my GOD they look so good together You need to watch.

What's my name

RIGHT?? Her voice may have been less than stellar but she had bronchitis and laryngitis this week. AND was on steroids and antibiotics to get well in time! So, all is forgiven. BOMB performance.

Record of the Year- announced by Jennifer Lopez and Skeletor Hubby Marc Anthony. It was hella funny. She interrupted him or something and he rolled his eyes at the camera. Haha it was the first time I saw anything likeable about that skeleton.

The award went to Need you Now, Lady Antebellum. Okay enough already!!

And somewhere in here was a seizure of a performance by Arcade Fire. Complete with disorienting strobe lights. I'm so glad I wasn't there for that one. And in rehersals, someone must have said "Hey you know what would make it even cooler? If you let me and my friend ride our bikes in circles around the stage the whole time! It would make it so badass!" Yeah. I thought that was pretty low budget entertainment.

And Finally, Album of the Year: And it goes to Arcade Fire. and they annouce they're gonna do ANOTHER song for us! please no!!

So they break out the BMX show and close out the Grammys.


Top three moments:

3. Gaga performance
2. John Mayer/Norah Jones/Keith Urban rendition of Jolene
1. Rihanna and Drake performance