Monday, February 28, 2011

Born This Way

Gaga released her new video this morning and I already wrote a little review on it but this is the re-edited, post-enlighted version. I love every bit of this video!!

At first I didn't like the intro and it was just Sci Fi and gross but now I get it.
This video has such an awesome message and theme!! It's total woman power and love! It's like she's empowering us to love ourselves and eachother even if we don't fit into conventional molds. It's showing us her dream, of a new breed of humanity who doesn't know hate. It shows her holding all those other people, and at the end when it shows them in a pool of all the skin colored paints blurring and blending together.

And interestingly, this new humanity is centered under a female god figure. Plus other female subjects.. aside from the female God in the video, she makes this mother connection between the "Mother Monter" God and her own biological mother, when she says how her mother taught her everyone is born a superstar. And telling people they are all queens. And the power of women to give birth and give LIFE. Total Woman power. LOVE

And to add to the message of it all, Gaga just looks straight up bangin!! Her bod is amazing. And I oddly think she looks so HOT when shes in the leathery bra and panties doing the choreography. I also love her in the suit painted as a skeleton! So sick.

This makes my top two favorite Gaga vids. Second only to Bad Romance.

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