Thursday, February 17, 2011

Filthy hot mess.

Not in a good way.

This video was all over the place.. here are my complaints

1. I just don't think she looks GOOD at any point in the video, not hair or makeup or costume or anything!!

2. Too much product placement!! What is with that these days?? Gaga did it too in the Telephone video, directed by the same guy, Jonas Ackerlund. Placements I caught include: Radiance (her own perfume), Make Up Forever, Plenty of and Sony.. I don't like this trend!!

3. The fighting scene! If it was intended to make her look badass or sexy a la Christina Aguilera in her Dirry video where she fights another chick... it failed. She looked so bad, ratty weave, short and squatty legs.. it just looked terrible. It looked like a fat lezzie drunken brawl outside a club.

4. My friend Adam put it better than I: "Gimme-More confused drugged up face" Yes. This is major flashbacks to that nightmare of a performance from the VMAs. She's just kind of confusedly stumbling around, thinking she looks good?

5. Last, the choreography. I feel like it must not have been very good because whenever she was doing choreography, we never got a continuous shot for more then maybe 2 seconds. I feel if it was actually strong choreography and she did it well, they wouldn't be constantly cutting in and out of it and splicing it in with other visuals. Impressive choreography needs to be shown continuously for at least 4 or 5 seconds to get a feel for what it is and to appreciate it. I feel, anyways. It's like they're hiding it because it probably wasn't that impressvie when put together.

Sigh. I guess the weird thing is that I'm more disappointed with Jonas Ackerlund than Britney. I've come to expect this from Britney, but Ackerlund has such a good portfolio of work!!

On to the next.


Bambi said...

I wanted to defend this video because I love the song. It was impossible! This was like watching a high budget Blackout video. Ugh. This song has potential for a really cool futuristic theme or for like super intense choreography. And the product placement??!! WTF! LAME.

Melissa said...

I KNOW! Circus has some good videos but this is a big step back. And its with a renowned director! Where does she go from here??