Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gimme More 2.0

..Or as I prefer to call it, Weekend at Britney's.


Britney's "performance" in San Francisco aired this morning on GMA and I was horrified. This was just as bad at Gimme More, but no one seems to see it!! Everyone is looking on in adoration!! What the fuck is wrong with you people.

Check it.

She's sleepwalking!! Lazy lipsycning, lazy dance moves, empty lyrics. I don't understand why everyone is eating this shit up. To me, this is worse and more maddening than Gimme More. We were all rooting for her at that performance, but it was bad and everyone felt sad about it. Well, this one is just as bad but for some reason she's getting acclaim from every angle and more loving fans than ever before.

WTF. This personally pisses me off because when she was making GOOD pop music, I was with her when I feel like most people would rather bash her. I defended her tirelessly and always supported her. And that was when her music was good, from a pop standpoint.

And NOW! Her music is less her and shittier than EVER and everyone is rushing to support her, just as I'm stepping away! Just when it finally becomes trendy to be a Brit fan and supporter, I can't take anymore.

What is wrong with people these days? It's the same as all this Charlie Sheen business. The more out of it, bigger hot mess a celebrity is, the more the public exalts them. But the celeb has to think they actually have it together. In her 2006/2007 meltdown, she knew she was in a bad way, and it was all very sad. A lot of people laughed at her head shaving, pink wig wearing, Adanan-galavanting business but I stuck with her and had faith she'd come out of it.

NOW she's just as bad but no one's told her. She thinks she's the shit right now, just like Charlie Sheen. She thinks she's actually the pop star she once was. She's nothing right now. She's pathetic.

Listen. I stood with her because I loved her music and most all pop music. And she was the reigning queen. I thought, "She's the most iconic female pop star of my generation, this is as good as it's gonne get, stick with her". Well, times have changed.

Along comes Lady Gaga. The perfectly crafted pop machine. She never breaks character. You'll never see her in sweats taking out her garbage, or running barefoot through a gas station. She respects her fans that much, to present them with the purest most perfect form of a pop star. She never wants to break the illusion. She gives us her best self every day, with her outfits, with her thoughtful answers to interview questions, by singing LIVE at her concerts, interacting with fans in the audience, writing all her own songs, playing the piano and the synth for her songs, making her own beats, giving her all to every choreographed move. Everything Britney doesn't do.

Britney was like an old long term boyfriend you stay with because you think you won't find anything better. I was in that relationship 10 years, towards the end thinking I should just settle for this, keep defending her and be happy because that's the best I was gonna find.

Flash forward 2 years and I've met someone new. A 10 in every way! Like a guy with good looks, from a great family, great job, money, treats me like a princess, and everything else I want but thought I couldn't find in one person.

Lady Gaga has raised the bar for pop music expectations but no one told Britney. She's still functioning at the lowest level and people are still willing to accept that I guess.

She's DEAD. She'll never be what she once was. She climaxed with In the Zone and the following Onyx Hotel tour. And it was all down from there. Shortly after, she got married in Vegas, had it annulled, then met K.fed and the rest is history.

But! Smart marketers, producers and everyone around her know her fans are like blind mice who have no sense of objectivity when it comes to her music, performances, public image, etc. If they want her to have a comeback, God damn it, she's going to have one and they'll eat it up no matter how terrible it tastes.

So, to everyone around Britney-Keep parading her dead body around, acting like she's actually singing, dancing, making music, doing SOMETHING for her fans. Act like she's got it together and putting in some kind of effort.

And to the fans- Have fun staying in your dead relationship with her. She's giving nothing and you're settling for less. But whatever floats your boat.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Black Eyed Peas mellow out

Just watched the new Black Eyed Peas video and it was certainly a surprise. It's called "Just Can't Get Enough" and I definitely expected it to be a pump-it-up, heavy base dance song. .. That's pretty much all the BEP do. So I watched the video and it was starting kind of slow and mellow so I kept fast forwarding it bit by bit to get to the part when the beat drops and it reveals itself as a party jam. But it never happened.

At first I was confused, but then I watched them perform the same song on American Idol and Will.i.Douche intro'd it as a song about love and strength. And I know we're not used to listening to the words of a BEP song because it's just a bunch of garbled nonesense were just supposed to dance to.. but this is different. If you listen to the words its like that new consuming, confusing feeling of love, and the vulnerability that sometimes comes with it. I think it's definitely the most pleasant Fergie has ever sounded on a track, her voice is really soft for a change. And it's definitely the best I've seen her look.

I am so impressed by this song and video. Even their American Idol performance of it was good. Check out the music video. It might take a couple times to grow on you.. but the more I'm watching it the more I love it. Definitely one of the best videos released so far this year, in my opinion.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kim's new song


I was a litttttle excited at first because the beat sounded good but then she started singing!! Omg she sounds so restrained/bored. It's like she was already timid and scared cuz she knew America was NOT gonna buy this shit. Stick to being glam Kim..

Michael K. said it best "I swear, Kim isn't singing, bitch is letting out an auto-tuned yawn. It's the music equivalent of her sex tape. Jam makes "Stars are Blind" sound like a heartbreaking torch song of raw emotions"