Wednesday, May 25, 2011



Oh my God no... I was so happy when the Royal Wedding was over. I was sick of hearing about every over the top detail-the dress, the flowers, the music, the location, the guests. Just when I'm relieved it's over, we now have another huge ass wedding to be beat over the head with. But this time it's not two classy people getting married, it's just two spolied tricks we have to hear about.

This trick-ass ho said she was gonna stay single for a year after she and Reggie split!

Well, here comes another E wedding special. And probably an engagement special too. Kim's mom Kris heard the news and threw them a damn engagement party THE SAME DAY HE PROPOSED!

Listen to this shit.

"Kris really didn't want a big celebration, but he had jokingly told my mom he'd be fine if there were mini-horses there. Later that night at the party, my mom brought out two mini-horses, covered in glitter, for us! It was hysterical!" -Kim Kardashain.

OMFG. stop.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Queen is back!!

Loving this video, you can always count on Bey to bring the fierce choreography in her videos, and this is no exception. Watch!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

What a blessed day!!!!

Oh. My. Gosh.

You all KNOW I divert into chola madness every Cinco de Mayo. You know, to celebrate the Mexican culture. And apparently I'm not the only one ! Lady Gaga released the anticipated video for Judas this morning, and it's the most chola-rific video ever. She gave us a little taste of chola inspiration in Telephone, but this is full blown Chola Mary Magdalene status!! I was dying the whole way though.

This video put the song on another level for me. At first I thought it was just alright.. maybe kind of weirded out with Bible references in my pop songs, but after seeing her interpretation of the Biblical stuff... wow.