Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Who nominates this shit


Ugh. They left out wayy too many good videos (She ain't you, Judas, and where the fuck is Ke$ha????) to make way for some people we've never heard of and some hasbeens. I am angry.

Best Pop Video
-Adele, Rolling in the deep
-Britney Spears, Till the world ends
-Bruno Mars, Grenade (Ke$ha should be in this joker's place! Blow, We r who we r, or Turn me on would all be highly qualified)
-Katy Perry, Last Friday night
-Pitbull f/ Ne-Yo, Nayer, and Afrojack, Give Me Everything

Who I want: Surprisingly, I'd like to see Till the World Ends take this one
Who deserves it: Either Rolling in the deep or Last friday night, even though I hate that stupid video. It's very pop and people like it because its fun and "cute". I don't think Till the world ends will win cuz we all know Brit is a little lazy
Who will win: Rolling in the deep

Best Rock Video
-Cage The Elephant, Shake Me Down
-Foo Fighters, Walk
-Foster the People, Pumped up kicks
-Mumford and Sons, The Cave
-The Black Keys, Howlin' for you

No fucking idea

Best Hip Hop Video
-Chris Brown f/ Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes, Look At Me Now
-Kanye West f/ Rihanna and Kid Cudi, All Of The Lights
-Lil Wayne, 6 foot, 7 foot
-Lupe Fiasco, The show goes on
-Nicki Minaj, Super Bass

Who I want: So.. Wayne's video is all over the place but I like it. Kanye's is pretty low budget, but it's Kanye and he does bring his swag eventually after the long intro and all the star wars words and credits. Also, Rihanna in that top.. I'd like All of the Lights to win
Who deserves it: Breezy, that video is pretty good. I wish She ain't you got a nom this year somewhere!
Who will win: Breezy

Best New Artist
-Big Sean f/ Chris Brown, My Last
-Foster the People, Punped up kicks
-Kreayshawn, Gucci Gucci
-Tyler, The Creator, Yonkers
-Wiz Khalifa, Black and yellow

Who I want: Black and Yellow
Who deserves it: Black and Yellow
Who will win: Black and Yellow

And ohh this is the category of the night..
Best Female Video
-Adele, Rolling in the deep
-Beyonce, Who run the world (Girls)
-Katy Perry, Firework
-Lady Gaga, Born this Way
-Nicki Minaj, Super Bass

Who I want: I didnt like the Born this Way video at first but now I really appreciate it for what its about.. so of course I'm gonna root for my Mother Monster.
Who deserves it: Again of course Gaga, because of the amazing concept of this video, but you mere mortals don't take the time to let it marinate before you reject it!! I think Bey deserves this too tho, her video was epicly fierce.
Who will win: Beyonce I hope. If it goes to Adele over Beyonce I'm gonna be pissed.

Best Male Video
-Bruno Mars, Grenade
-CeeLo Green, Fuck you
-Eminem ft. Rihanna, Love the way you lie
-Justin Bieber, U smile
-Kanye West f/ Rihanna and Kid Cudi, All Of The Lights

Who I want: ALL OF THE LIGHTS (thats caps for Kanye, bloggin on his MacBook Air)
Who deserves it: Kanye! Fuck these other hoes
Who will win: I'm inclined to say Bruno Mars, but since the winners are voted on, I'd have to go with The LezBeaver, cuz you know he has a million rabid fans voting for him

Best Collaboration
-Chris Brown f/ Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes, Look At Me Now
-Kanye West f/ Rihanna and Kid Cudi, All Of The Lights
-Katy Perry f/ Kanye West, E.T.
-Nicki Minaj, Moment 4 Life
-Pitbull f/ Ne-Yo, Nayer, and Afrojack, Give Me Everything

Okay I was excited about this category until I realized that, while they're all awesome songs.. aren't we supposed to be going by the videos here? They all suck!! Nicki makes the stupidest most ghettoriffic, low budget, stupid concept videos, Pitboool's is boring, Katy's is creepy.. too bad cuz I actually like all those songs!
Who I want: Kanye
Who deserves it: Breezy
Who will win: I'll say maybe Kanye on this one

Video of the Year
-Adele Rolling in the deep
-Beastie Boys, Make some noise
-Bruno Mars, Grenade
-Katy Perry, Firework
-Tyler the Creator, Yonkers

What the fuck! We are having a relapse of the 2008 VMAs with a bunch of unqualified videos being put up as nominees! Beastie Boys?? Are you serious. Grenade for Video of the year?? Fuck off, that makes about as much sense as Britney winning video of the year for Piece of me. No one even remembers that video. And Firework?? Teenage Dream was way better. These people are idiots. No Judas???

Who I want: Judas. Yes I said Judas.
Who deserves it: none!! Adele I GUESS!
Who will win: Adele.

Best Choreography
-Beyonce, Who run the world (girls)
-Britney Spears, Till the world ends
-Bruno Mars, The lazy song
-Lady Gaga, Judas
-LMFAO, Party Rock

Who I want: Judas, because I know the choreography, or Who run the world, because I know (some of) the choreography. And because these two are the best, duh. I also know how to hunch my shoulders to a beat so I guess I know the choreography to Till the World ends too.
Who deserves it: Bey
Who will win:Bey

Best Cinematography
-Thirty Seconds To Mars, Hurricane"
-Adele, Rolling in the Deep
-Beyoncé, Run the World (Girls)
-Eminem f/ Rihanna, Love the Way You Lie
-Katy Perry, Teenage Dream

Who I want:Bey
Who deserves it:Bey
Who will win:Bey all the way!!

Ok and there's some more nominees for less exciting categories like best direction, editing, special effects, etc.

Tune in August 28th at 9 pm on MTV to see all the unqualified winners!